Sternness suffused Madame Wen’s eyes. “Patriarch has never interfered in the matters of the inner courtyard. You may not be my biological child, but I am still your mother. A child’s marriage has always been decided on by their parents, or did you want to cause even more problems?”


“That’s not what I meant, Mother. It’s just that Dad once said that I could marry anyone I like, even if the other party was an imperial prince.” Wen Wanzhi planned to use these words as a weapon to change Madame Wen’s mind, but she never expected that it was exactly these words that would propel her to death.


The temperature in Madame Wen’s heart gradually lowered again. You treat that woman’s daughter so dearly, while our son is suffering outside.


“Even you remember that he once said that. Now that ugly rumours of your deed have spread throughout the palace, which family would want an unchaste woman as a wife?” Despite Madame Wen’s seemingly indifferent expression, her words were like sharp blades slashing Wen Wanzhi’s heart.


I must meet up with Hua Ziqing as soon as possible. Only then can I free myself from my current predicament. 


Unfortunately, Wen Wanzhi had no idea that her last hope was the one currently behind a plot to take her life.


“Wanzhi, Mother won’t harm you. Come drink this cup of tea.” Madame Wen passed a cup to her.


A sense of danger struck Wen Wanzhi’s heart. “Mother, what tea is this?”


“Isn’t it the normal tea from your room? What else can it be?” Madame Wen said calmly with an honest gaze.


For some reason, Wen Wanzhi felt a little unsettled, but she still drank the tea while Madame Wen watched.


“Mother, your daughter is tired and wishes to rest. I still have to visit Concubine in a while.” Wen Wanzhi felt that there was something wrong with Madame Wen today, and told herself that it would be best to keep a distance if she wanted to protect herself.


Having watched her drink the tea, Madame Wen’s gaze became even more gentle. “En, rest well.”


Madame Wen walked out of the room. From now on, the bitch’s daughter won’t wake up ever again.


Sitting on a chair, Wen Wanzhi’s heart began to pound erratically, and her hand shook so uncontrollably that the teacup smashed to pieces on the ground. It wasn’t long before exhaustion overcame her and she laid down on the bed. Strength left her body, and her thoughts became muddled.


Finally, she could no longer combat the dreary feeling, and without even being able to utter a single word, she fell into a ‘deep slumber’.


All this time, Madame Wen had remained outside the door. Knowing how long it would take the poison to act, she walked in and let a cold laughter escape her lips as she stared at Wen Wanzhi’s body.


Clearing up the scene, she placed Wen Wanzhi on the bed. However, she didn’t follow the instructions of the man with the douli to make Wen Wanzhi write her suicide note. Instead, she wrapped a handkerchief around her hand before using a knife to carve a certain character on the blankets.


After returning to her room, Madame Wen acted as if she knew nothing of what had just transpired. She was aware that Wen Wanzhi’s personal maidservant had already been disposed of by the Second Concubine, so Madame Wen only needed to find a way to notify people of Wen Wanzhi’s death.


Going through the list of candidates, the corners of her mouth curled up viciously when she suddenly thought of someone. “Someone, quickly get the Third Concubine to come here.”


The Second Concubine had caused the Third Concubine to become infertile. With the latter’s beauty and lack of wits, along with her conflict with the Second Concubine, Madame Wen concluded that the Third Concubine would be the best scapegoat.


I have done so much just for the sake of meeting my child, but will that man with the douli keep his promise? Is my child truly alive and living well? Maybe he’s even married and has a child.


Warmth enveloped Madame Wen’s heart as she thought of her child.

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