Despite the hatred in Madame Wen’s heart, she still remembered her responsibilities. “Enough, she is still your elder sister in name. Patriarch is not at home now, so keep yourselves in check.”


“Yes, Madame.” The Third Concubine replied begrudgingly.


“Don’t stand here. Quickly help the Second Concubine back to her room to rest, and get a doctor to take a look at her. This Madame has a headache; Third Concubine, help me walk back.” Madame Wen couldn’t be bothered to spare the Second Concubine another glance. 


In any case, everyone in the Prime Minister Residence already knows that our relationship is not harmonious.


The Third Concubine initially wanted to enjoy the chaos a little longer, but she could only leave with Madame Wen. With the latter gone, the crowd also began to disperse.


Only the Second Concubine’s personal maidservant exerted all her strength to help her master back to her room. When Wen Wanzhi was informed and looked at her mother who seemed to be devoid of life, she burst into tears.


“Young Miss, don’t cry. The doctor will be here soon.”


Smack! Wen Wanzhi gave the maidservant a resounding slap. “Soon? Why is it taking so long? Are you waiting for my mum to die first?”


Right after the words left her mouth, the doctor arrived and felt for Concubine Wen’s pulse. “Coldness has infiltrated the Concubine’s body, causing her to lose consciousness. As for when she will wake up, that will have to depend on the will of the heavens.”


His words fuelled Wen Wanzhi’s anger. “Will of the heavens? You’re nothing but a quack. I’m going to get an imperial physician to treat my mum.”


“Young Miss, with the cold having infiltrated Madame’s body, she’ll likely recover in two days.” The doctor spoke respectfully, but his heart was filled with nothing but disdain. She’s just the child of a concubine. Does she really think that the blood of a noble young miss flows in her veins?


Wen Wanzhi’s stormy emotions abated upon hearing his reassurance, and she turned to the maidservant. “Follow the doctor and bring the medicine back.”


After the doctor and the maidservant left, Wen Wanzhi stopped her tears. “What a good-for-nothing! Your task was so simple, yet you still managed to mess things up by falling into the pond. I’ll have to rely on myself if I want to reverse my current situation.”


Disregarding her unconscious mother, Wen Wanzhi walked out. I’m only a pawn in mum’s eyes; our so-called mother and daughter relationship is nothing but a facade.


Returning to her room, Wen Wanzhi began writing a letter when the opening of a door interrupted her.


Wen Wanzhi’s mouth was already open, but she quickly closed it and put on a deferential expression when she saw who it was. After all, Madame Wen was still the main wife of the Prime Minister, someone with an esteemed status.


“Mother[1], what brings you here?”


“Wanzhi, I’ve heard about your matter. Although you have lost your virginity and can’t marry into an official’s family, you are still more than qualified to be the Second Main Wife of a merchant’s family. With the Wen Family’s status, you wouldn’t suffer any grievances. Take a look; here are some of the reputable merchant families in Liujing.” Madame Wen passed a name list to her with a gentle gaze.


Rage flared up in Wen Wanzi’s heart when she heard those words. I may be a shu daughter of the Prime Minister Residence, but I’m the only daughter. Why do I have to marry a merchant who only stinks of money?


“Mother, I don’t want to marry.” She blurted out her wish bluntly.


A gentle smile formed at Madame Wen’s mouth. “Wanzhi, Mother knows that you are unwilling, but it is a huge crime to have an affair with a guard. If you don’t quickly find someone to marry, I’m afraid that even your dad won’t be able to protect you.”


“Mother, are you threatening me? Does Dad know about this?” Wen Wanzhi’s eyes glimmered with coldness.

1. Shu children usually address the main wife as ‘mother’ or ‘muqin’, while they will call their own concubine mothers as ‘mum’ or ‘niang’.

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