In the Prime Minister Residence.


Returning to her room, Madame Wen rubbed her slightly swollen head as she removed the accessories from her hair.


She was about to turn around when a hand suddenly covered her mouth from behind. Panic shot through her system as she opened her mouth on instinct, but managed to stifle her scream.


"Nothing less from Prime Minister Wen's virtuous assistant, Madame Wen. Your level of composure is not lacking at all." The man with the douli remarked with admiration before he let go of her.


Madame Wen asked coldly, "May I know who you are and why you have barged into the Prime Minister Residence?" While she was speaking, she gradually edged herself towards the hairdressing table where a silver hairpin laid.


Discerning her intention, a cold smirk formed on the man’s mouth. "Madame Wen, I urge you not to play any tricks; nothing can escape my eyes."


Madame Wen narrowed her eyes. "Get to the point. What business do you have?"


"From what I know, you resent the Second Concubine of the Prime Minister Residence. She is your shu younger sister, yet she seduced your husband when you were pregnant. The result of that was the loss of your husband, as well as the birth of a stillborn, a male at that." The man with the douli attacked her weakness.


Hate flickered in Madame Wen's eyes as she recalled her past, but she quickly masked her emotions. "What do you want me to do?"


"I believe you have also heard about Wen Wanzhi's filthy matter with a guard. Isn't this your best chance at disposing of them?" The man’s tone was cruel as a sadistic smirk rose at the corners of his mouth.


Madame Wen shook her head. "To put things simply, the feud between us sisters is just a man, while you are an outsider. Why should I listen to you?"


"It sounds like you are already used to being a gracious and virtuous madame. However, allow me to show you something that will change your mind." The man with the douli passed a strip of paper to her.


As soon as she unfurled the note, tears streamed down her face.


"Is this true? My child didn't die?" Surprise lit up Madame Wen's face, and her voice shook uncontrollably.


For the past 22 years, I’ve spent countless nights wallowing in my sorrows. Now I’m being told that my child wasn’t a stillborn, but is in fact a lively child who can still call me mum?


A cold laughter escaped from the man's lips. "Madame Wen, you can go and investigate, but if you do so, you will probably be obstructed by your shu sister."


"As long as you can bring my child back to my side, I am willing to do anything for you, I promise." Resolve ignited in Madame Wen's eyes.


With his task accomplished, the man with the douli flashed a faint smile. "Madame Wen, I won't make things difficult for you. I just need Wen Wanzhi to commit suicide and leave a suicide note according to this." He handed another strip of paper to her.


Madame Wen was a little hesitant about inciting someone to commit suicide, but hatred overrode her conscience when remembered who the culprits behind her missing her child were.


"Alright, I'll do it, but once the matter is done, I want my child to appear before me, otherwise…" A vicious look replaced her gentleness.


Not only was the man not angered by her threat, he admired her even more. "Please don't worry, my men have already arrived at the place. They will be able to bring your child back so that you can enjoy your time as mother and son."


Undoubtedly, every single word he had uttered was calculated with the intention of tightening his grip on her.

Hope shone in Madame Wen's eyes as if she could already see her child, and the man with the douli chuckled darkly before leaving.

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