Night fell, and the Eastern and Western Palace Gates were already shut by now.


Two dark figures, Pei Qianhao and Wu Ling, made their way into the palace by scaling the palace walls. According to Yu Xiao’s information, they were to head to the inner area of the palace.


Du Ling was sitting on a chair dressed in a blue brocade robe while a sumptuous feast was laid out in front of him. Despite this, Du Ling didn’t react to any of it, not even the beautiful lady by his side.


“Wanzhi has admired the Western Region King for a long time now. It is my great fortune to be able to share a meal with you tonight.” The lady spoke gently and filled his cup with wine as she did so.


Du Ling smirked. “So what kind of poison is in the wine? Qianrisan or Bairizui? 


Embarrassment flitted across Wen Wanzhi’s face when she heard the two names but she recovered quickly. “ I am but a girl who stays in my boudoir most of the time, and I would never do such a thing.”


“Oh? You drink first then.” Du Ling coldly handed the cup to her.


She paused for a moment, and though she did not want to drink it at first, she took a tiny sip in the end after thinking about her chances of attaining riches and glory.


“King, do you believe me now? I genuinely admire you, which is why I’m here now. It’s not because of anything else.” Wen Wanzhi looked at Du Ling with a soulful gaze, as if tears would fall from her eyes at any moment.


Though he was unmoved by such grandstanding, Du Ling still put on a facade of concern.


“How could I reject a token of your sincerity?” He thus downed the contents of the cup in one gulp.


They then continued drinking until Wen Wanzhi was rather flushed from the alcohol. The Western Region King can really hold his liquor. We’ve already downed an entire jar of wine, but the plan will fail if he doesn’t get drunk soon.


As if reading her mind, Du Ling’s hand began to shake as he poured the wine.


He smiled and said, “Seems that I’m really drunk.”


Wen Wanzhi looked concerned as she asked, “King, are you okay? Shall I help you to your bed?”


She continued asking Du Ling many more questions to check if he was really drunk, but he simply ignored every single one of them. Shortly after, she knocked lightly on the table.


A few men entered shortly after, the man with the douli in charge.


“What took you so long?”


Wen Wanzhi gave a bitter smile. “He’s too cautious, and can hold his liquor better than the rumours say. In the end, I was forced to put a little hongying in his cup.”


The man in the douli smirked when he heard ’hongying’. How cruel.


“Place him on the bed. ” The man with the douli gave an order to the guards before turning to Wen Wanzhi. “You know what to do next, right?”


She gave an enchanting smile and reassured him, “Rest assured. Go on out.”


The man with the douli then led the rest of his group out.


Wen Wanzhi started removing her clothes after he left, and just as she was about to slip under the covers, Du Ling shot up and struck her acupoint.


Her eyes widened in disbelief right before she fainted and collapsed on the bed.


“Hah. Let me get someone to keep you company since you’re so lonely.”

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