After Wu Ling left, Su Xi-er rested in her room.


Around 7.30pm, Su Xi-er heard a noise in front of her room, followed by He Ying’s yells. “Splendid, Su Xi-er! The Empress Dowager’s clothes are so valuable, yet you actually dared to tear them! You definitely did it on purpose. Haul her out from her room.”


Without waiting for Su Xi-er to walk out of the room, the door was kicked open by two imperial guards. They entered the room and reached out to capture Su Xi-er.


At this moment, Pei Qianhao had already begun his trip to Nanzhao, and was unaware of Su Xi-er’s current situation.


Despite facing two robust imperial guards, Su Xi-er wasn’t flustered in the least. She spun on her feet and deftly dodged.


The imperial guards had used too much strength, causing them to fall head first due to inertia. They were an extremely sorry sight as they lay sprawled out on the floor.


Su Xi-er walked out of the house in a composed manner. This scene almost angered He Ying to death.


There were multiple imperial guards in the courtyard as He Ying held a piece of torn clothing in her hands. It was practically screaming that she was framing Su Xi-er.


“You’re rebelling! You can even be sentenced to death since you damaged valuable clothes. Obediently follow me back to the Compassionate Peace Palace to wait for verdict of your punishment. Maybe the Empress Dowager will spare your life.”


Su Xi-er remarked unhurriedly, “There are no imperial guards in the Laundry Service Bureau, yet so many of them appeared as soon as you shouted. Miss He, maybe they were brought here by you. It’s almost as if you had long known that the Empress Dowager’s clothes would be torn.”


The palace maids standing at the side immediately revealed baffled expressions. If she suddenly discovered that the clothes were torn, it would still take some time for the imperial guards to arrive. The fact that they came so rapidly makes it evident that they knew beforehand that Miss He would call for them.


This means that farce was already planned out!


Su Xi-er had completely reversed the situation implying that He Ying was in the wrong first. But I must take Su Xi-er away tonight.


“Guards, take her away!” He Ying used her authority to intimidate the surrounding palace maids, causing all of them to immediately lower their heads.


Su Xi-er didn’t evade, but respectfully told her, “This servant obeys Miss He’s order. I will go to the Compassionate Peace Palace immediately. There is no need for imperial guards to escort this servant there.”


When He Ying saw this appearance of Su Xi-er, she felt even more incensed in her heart. But she is already so obedient. If I still make the imperial guards escort her there, it would only appear as if I’m purposely making things difficult for a lowly palace maid. The entire point of this would be lost!


Hence, under everyone’s attentive gazes, Su Xi-er and He Ying left with a host of imperial guards following them.


Old Maidservant Li shook her head. The Empress Dowager has long set her sights on Su Xi-er. Otherwise, Miss He wouldn’t repeatedly make things difficult for an ordinary palace maid. I wonder if Su Xi-er will be able to avoid this calamity.


The group of people soon disappeared from everyone’s sight. At this moment, there was a plump head hiding beside the palace gate of the Laundry Service Bureau. It was a palace maid clad in grey coarse palace attire.


Her body was stout, and nervousness was written across her face. This woman was none other than Ruo Yuan. Right after her body recovered, she had mustered her courage and slipped out secretly just to check on Su Xi-er.


She had stayed in the Laundry Service Bureau before and understood the hardships one would encounter here. Thus, she had decided to come over to assuage her worries. Who knew that as soon as she arrived, she would see Su Xi-er being taken away by a host of imperial guards led by Miss He from the Compassionate Peace Palace?


Ruo Yuan was worried and afraid. Nothing must happen to Su Xi-er. I have to quickly go back and inform Old Maidservant Liu. Perhaps she would have an idea!


Ruo Yuan then ran back to the Palace Side Quarters as quickly as she could.




At this moment, Su Xi-er and the group were on a small path, arriving at the Compassionate Peace Palace in less than 15 minutes.

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