The eunuch and the elder court official exchanged glances with one another as they watched Pei Qianhao help Su Xi-er to a chair. They had long heard that Prince Hao doted on his princess consort, and they had finally verified it today.


The two of them had already discussed what they would be doing outside. But with how much Prince Hao cares for Princess Consort Hao, will he really be willing to have her come with him?


"Prince Hao, this old man is the Minister of Revenue from Xiliu, and I am here under the Monarch’s orders  to invite you and Princess Consort Hao to Xiliu to admire our annual fireworks event." The Minister of Revenue displayed a respectful and sincere expression.


Pei Qianhao’s gaze frosted over, and did not answer. Xiliu’s situation was perilous, and taking Su Xi-er there wouldn’t be a wise idea. However, rejecting the offer would only have Xiliu looking deeper into Su Xi-er’s background and endangering her.


If this matter hadn’t involved Su Xi-er, he wouldn’t have hesitated, but now he had to be careful.


Su Xi-er naturally understood Pei Qianhao’s concerns and smiled. “A-Jing, Xiliu has offered such a zealous invitation; how can we not go?”


The Minister of Revenue was very pleased. “Princess Consort Hao is very amiable and elegant.”


Warmth suffused Pei Qianhao’s heart. Xi-er, you always understand what I’m thinking.


“However, this Princess Consort will need some time to pack my belongings. Please wait outside, Minister.”


The Minister of Revenue nodded and exited with the eunuch, leaving Pei Qianhao to wrap his arms around Su Xi-er.


“Xi-er.” One murmur from him encapsulated a thousand words.


Su Xi-er smoothened out his furrowed brow. “A-Jing, don’t you believe in me?”


“Of course I do. Xi-er is smart and astute.” His expression and voice became softer.


Su Xi-er responded with a faint smile. “Then let’s go together.”


Her gentleness was like a key that unlocked Pei Qianhao’s heart, prompting him to nod in agreement.


Su Xi-er placed two silvers on the table for the old woman, knowing that the latter wouldn’t accept her money if it was offered to her up front.


Once she was done, Pei Qianhao and her smiled at one another before walking out.


The guards outside had already prepared a comfortable horse carriage for the two of them, watching them board before getting into their own carriage to follow.


Inside the carriage, Pei Qianhao carefully let Su Xi-er lean against a cushion. He then removed her shoes and brought out a feet cushion before covering her with a blanket.


“Xi-er, it’ll take longer travelling by horse carriage. You should rest for a while.” He gently offered his lap as a pillow for Su Xi-er.


A smile brightened Su Xi-er’s face. “A-Jing, you’re treating me like a porcelain doll.”


“Xi-er, you’re being mischievous again.” He fondled her cheeks.


The two only stopped talking when Su Xi-er began to get sleepy; holding her as she slept, Pei Qianhao’s gaze was gentle.


On the other hand, those in the other horse carriage were getting anxious about when they would reach Xiliu if they continued travelling at this pace.


“Minister, why don’t you go and rush them?” The eunuch suggested for his partner to become cannon fodder.


However, the Minister of Revenue was not one to be fooled, and he gave a mocking smirk. “You think Prince Hao is easy to get along with? You can go instead then.”


Fiery rage erupted from the eunuch. “Let’s see how you’ll explain to Master when the time comes.”

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