In Xiang Village.


Learning how to make some nourishing soup from the old woman, Pei Qianhao personally made his own version, causing the eyes of the guard at the door to almost fall off. “Since when did His Highness cook? Her Highness is really fortunate.”


The guard beside him smacked his head, a look of disdain on his face. “Look at how sorry you are.”


However, an ear-piercing crash suddenly blasted through the air, catching the attention of the bickering guards.


“Aiyo, this eunuch almost died from the fall.” A sharp voice sounded.


His heart was filled with rage, but colour drained from his face when he spotted a group of people swarming towards him. 


“Help! Help!”


It wasn’t long before a group of guards had their swords raised to his neck. Despite this, the eunuch was used to flaunting his authority, and spoke without considering that he was currently in Beimin’s territory. 


“Audacious, this eunuch is an envoy dispatched by the monarch of Xiliu. How dare you all be so impudent?!”


A guard asked with contempt. “What business do you have barging into Beimin’s Xiang Village, eunuch from Xiliu?”


This fuelled the anger in the Xiliu eunuch’s heart. “This eunuch was the one who invited Prince Hao into Xiliu.”


One of the guards gave him a disdainful look before barking out an order. “Bring him to His Highness.”


With that, the other guard carried him like a chicken until they arrived in front of Pei Qianhao.


“Prince Hao, this eunuch was sent by Xiliu. Is your subordinates’ disrespect implying that you look down upon Xiliu?” The eunuch raised his already high-pitched voice.


Pei Qianhao’s tone could have frozen hell as his eyes turned to the eunuch. “Do you think you have the right to question this Prince?”


The eunuch quickly deflated, no longer daring to put on airs as he squeaked out a response. “Prince Hao, this servant is only following orders.” He was smart enough to back down at the right moment; offending Pei Qianhao would do him no good.


Su Xi-er could only show a mocking smile as she watched how fast he changed his attitude.


“This Prince will enter Xiliu soon enough.” Pei Qianhao said coolly.


Understanding that Pei Qianhao was agreeing indirectly, the eunuch elected to say nothing else as he turned to leave.


Pei Qianhao then said, “Take Princess Consort Hao back to the capital and look after her properly on the way.”


Su Xi-er frowned. “A-Jing, I want to go too.” 


She was fully aware of the perils he would face during this journey, and she wanted to face them together.


His gentle gaze was plagued with worry. “Xi-er, you know that it’s not peaceful in Xiliu right now. It’s better for you to return to the capital and stabilise your pregnancy.”


Su Xi-er caressed her stomach. “A-Jing, promise me that you will take care of yourself. Both you and Elder Brother will be in Xiliu; you both have to return safely.”


It wasn’t that she didn’t trust Pei Qianhao, but trusting him didn’t mean that she wouldn’t worry just like anyone else would.


Pei QIanhao kissed her hair. “Xi-er, this Prince will definitely come back to you safely. Just make sure you take care of yourself.”


Su Xi-er smiled gently. “I will protect our child and wait for your return.”


After some more sweet exchanges, the guard came in to report that another Xiliu envoy had arrived.


Pei Qianhao’s gaze turned cold, though his hand that wrapped around Su Xi-er’s emanated warmth. “Let the both of them enter.”


It was then that the eunuch from earlier walked in with a person dressed in court attire.

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