A faint smile graced Su Xi-er’s visage as warmth filled her eyes.


“A-Jing, I always trusted you to find me. As for our child, I didn’t know about it at first either.”


Pei Qianhao pressed his lips to Su Xi-er’s carefully, his kiss encapsulating all his love and yearning for her.


While Pei Qianhao accompanied Su Xi-er in Xiang Village, the guard dispatched by Yun Ruofeng had been spying on them. However, little did he know that the guards from the Prince Hao Residence disdainfully snorted whenever they discussed the spy who thought himself undiscovered.


“Should we inform His Highness?” One of the guards asked.


“Are you daft? Do you really think that such a lousy spy would be able to get past the traps we’ve set if His Highness wasn’t tacitly allowing his presence?”


Hearing the guards’ conversation outside, Su Xi-er grinned. “A-Jing, you’re such a meanie.”


“Xi-er doesn’t like me being mean?” Pei Qianhao teased.


“Of course not. I’ll like A-Jing no matter what.”


When Yun Ruofeng read the contents of the letter his spy sent, he sent his teacup crashing to the ground in a fit of rage.


“Your Highness, why don’t I go and kill Prince Hao? The Imperial Princess would be yours then!” Liang Yong blurted out in a moment of anger.


However, his words only served to infuriate Yun Ruofeng further. Prince Hao’s subordinates are all valiant and talented, but why have I only raised a bunch of useless trash?!


With this failure, I’ve not only lost a chance to eliminate Prince Hao, but I’ve even given him and Xi-er a chance to become closer! The more he thought about it, the harder it became to quell the anger in his heart.


“Do you think Prince Hao is that weak? Scram.” Yun Ruofeng glared, and despite the anger in his heart, Liang Yong dared not to disobey.


As soon as he was gone, Yun Ruofeng spoke to the seemingly empty room. “Yun Ling, how’s that task going?” 


In a few moments, a person clad in black appeared before him, answering in a hoarse and monotone voice.” Your Highness, although the rumours have been disseminated, the results aren’t ideal.”


Yun Ruofeng’s gaze grew frosty. “What happened? Did all forces participate?”


“Yes, everyone followed Your Highness’ instructions.” Yun Ling replied.


Yun Ruofeng grew pensive. “How’s the situation now?”


“Even though everyone is aware of this matter now, it has only managed to influence half of the people.” Yun Ling reported truthfully.


Yun Ruofeng’s next words dripped with ruthlessness. “Increase the efforts.”


“This subordinate shall take my leave.” Yun Ling blended back to the darkness again.


Chilliness seeped into Yun Ruofeng’s heart. My plans have failed one after another, and now, even my final trump card isn’t working. Is there really no hope of taking Lan-er back?


An air of bleakness surrounded him, and he was like a leaf that had shrivelled up.


Suddenly, the door was pushed open, and a man wearing a douli forced Wu Ling to walk in.


“Are you Prince Yun?” The man with the douli went straight to the point.


Coldness flickered in Yun Ruofeng’s eyes. “Who are you? What are you trying to do?”


“Our master wants to meet you. If you want to get back Princess Consort Hao, you must turn up.” The man with the douli threatened.


Yun Ruofeng’s gaze grew frosty, and he glanced at Liang Yong, who was standing behind the man.


However, something flashed in Liang Yong’s eyes as he averted them.


Realisation dawned upon Yun Ruofeng. “When? Where?”


“Between 9 to 11 am, at the jiazi room.”


The man with the douli flung Liang Yong to the ground and left the room.


After the man left, Liang Yong stood up before lowering his head and keeping quiet, aware that he had violated a taboo.


“Liang Yong, there’s a price to pay for betraying me.” Yun Ruofeng’s eyes were akin to blades, reflecting a coldness that matched his expression.

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