The man felt that his plan had almost succeeded since he was able to get Du Ling to agree.


Before Pei Qianhao said anything, Du Ling mocked, “What, it’s not enough that this King is going? You’ll need two of us?”


“Western Region King, this matter involves Prince Hao too.”


Du Ling interrupted him and said, “Either I go alone, or I don’t go at all.”


The man in white robes knew that it would be futile to push his luck at this point. One person is better than none, and I can always think of another way to get the other one later.


“Well, let’s take the Western Region King’s suggestion in this case.” He then shot a quick glance at Li Zikang.


Pei Qianhao and Du Ling remained silent as they exchanged a look before the latter followed the Xiliu crowd out of the village.


“Wu Ling, follow them secretly and protect the Western Region King.”


Wu Ling acknowledged the order and left quickly as Pei Qianhao returned to the room that Su Xi-er was resting in. She looked peaceful as she slept, but her complexion was rather pale.


Pei Qianhao sat by her bedside and caressed her cheeks softly, smiling gently as he did so. Things were peaceful for some time before a knock at the door alerted Pei Qianhao. Opening it up, he found an elderly woman holding a bowl of chicken soup brewed with red dates.


“This is for nourishment. It’s very suitable for the Madame.” She spoke as she handed the bowl to Pei Qianhao, leaving shortly after.


Bringing the bowl to Su Xi-er’s bedside, he had just begun to stir it around to cool it off when Su Xi-er’s eyes slowly opened.




Pei Qianhao stopped as he heard her speak, turning his gentle gaze to her.


“You’re up? Feeling better?”


Su Xi-er smiled gently. “Don’t worry, I’m fine.”


Hearing this, Pei Qianhao felt even more regretful for allowing her to come to harm. Slowly spooning up some soup, he began to feed her as she looked at him with soft eyes.


Though Pei Qianhao already knew about her pregnancy, he pretended not to get her hint.


“Xi-er, don’t leave me for so long next time.”


“There won’t be a next time, A-Jing.” Su Xi-er took his large hands in hers.


Pei Qianhao’s ears turned red at this. He put the bowl of soup down and hugged her gently, being careful as he did so.


He had no idea what it felt like to be a father, and though it didn’t feel much different right now, he did feel a heavier sense of responsibility as they embraced.


Pei Qianhao thought, Whether you’re a boy or a girl, I’ll definitely provide you a worry-free life, since you’re Xi-er’s.


There was an expression of satisfaction on his face.


Su Xi-er’s smile deepened. “A-Jing.”


She then placed his hand on her stomach as she said, “It will no longer be just the two of us in the future; we’ll be a complete family.”


Warmth blossomed in Pei Qianhao’s heart. There’s nothing else I need in this life but you and the baby.


“Xi-er, you’ve been through so much.” He looked slightly guilty, but sounded very grateful.


Pei Qianhao knew very well how much Su Xi-er had suffered these few days, as well as how difficult it was for her to ensure the safety of the baby.

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