The tension in the air became palpable as the man in white robes snapped his fan open. “Prince Hao, General Li is merely trying to capture the perpetrator of the assasination attempt. There’s no need to get so worked up, is there? How about you make a trip to Xiliu with us? We’ll definitely apologise if we’ve wrongly accused you.”


His meaning was obvious. Someone had attempted to assassinate the monarch of their nation, and Pei Qianhao and Du Ling were prime suspects. This was a major accusation.


Practically ignoring the man, Pei Qianhao’s expression remained blank, prompting an angered response by Li Zikang. “Prince Hao, if that’s the case, forgive this General for being impolite.”


As the soldiers from Xiliu advanced, Wu Ling came forward to meet them, sending the situation into a stalemate once again.


Before they could clash, Pei Qianhao said scornfully, “We’re in Xiang Village, part of Beimin’s territory. Aren’t you afraid of the backlash if people hear that you’re trying to capture the leader of Beimin here?”


Du Ling laughed as he added, “Prince Hao is too kind and doesn’t stoop to your level. I can’t believe a foreigner is actually trying to capture a leader of this land, and even hiding behind their subordinates at that. What a joke.”


His gaze turned fierce as he spoke, rendering the man in white temporarily speechless.


However, he recovered his composure very quickly and responded, “What are you saying, Western Region King? Our monarch was almost assassinated, and this matter is of high great importance to Xiliu. Now that this matter has involved the both of you, it wouldn’t be appropriate for me to simply continue watching from the sidelines.”


He then asked, “Might there be any reasons as to why the two of you are so adamantly against following us back?”


He was clearly planning on making things difficult for them.


Despite disdaining such despicable tactics, Du Ling smirked and said, “Don’t forget that it was General Li who invited us to Xiliu in the first place. Nanzhao’s Prince Yun had also entered the country together with us, and his whereabouts are also unclear. Wouldn’t that make him even more suspicious? Why are you focusing on us instead of investigating him? Are you looking down upon Beimin and the Western Region?”


Li Zikang turned anxious hearing Du Ling’s retort, but the man in white robes handled it calmly. “You can rest assured, Western Region King. Nanzhao’s Prince Yun will also be invited to Xiliu, and we’ll also be investigating him.”


“If that’s the case, I’ll make the trip with you,” Du Ling answered with scorn.


“As expected of the Western Region King, you’re very wise. General Li, please take good care of him.” The man in white robes turned to Li Zikang as he spoke.


Du Ling then asked, “What will you do if you investigate and find out that I have nothing to do with this?”


The man in white smiled. “If the Western Region King had been wrongly accused, I’ll be willing to accept any form of punishment from you.”


Of course, that depends on if you’re still alive by then. It’s not as easy to leave Xiliu as it is to enter.


Du Ling knew what the man had up his sleeve, but he knew that this was a risk he had to take if he wanted to find out what was really happening in Xiliu. Such a particular turn of events was not entirely disadvantageous to him.


“Fine.” He answered with his usual imposing aura.


“How about Prince Hao?”

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