Pei Qianhao nodded, helping Su Xi-er up before holding a handkerchief under her chin. He then took the time to blow on each spoonful of medicine before bringing it to her mouth.


Once he was done, he let her lie back down and continue to rest.


As Wu Ling watched, he mused about how the originally cold and callous prince had changed into a gentle and spoony person ever since his marriage. If anyone had told him that Prince Hao would one day be helping a woman take medicine, he would’ve thought the person crazy.


“Send some people to investigate what happened in Xiliu and report the findings to the Western Region King right away.” Pei Qianhao shot Wu Ling a stern look.


Wu Ling nodded, but before he could turn and leave, a voice came from outside.


“Prince Hao, it’s not right to leave without saying goodbye.”


Pei Qianhao furrowed his brows and walked out with Wu Ling following behind.


The sight of Li Zikang in his armour and burning eyes assailed Pei Qianhao. The whole courtyard was encircled by Xiliu soldiers, but Pei Qianhao’s forces were unyielding as they faced their enemies.


“Since when could this Prince’s movements be determined by you?” His voice was arrogant and disdainful.


His words only caused Li Zikang’s flames of ire to blaze. “Prince Hao, this General was kind enough to make arrangements for you and the Western Region King, yet you snuck into our imperial palace at night and hurt our monarch. What are you plotting?”


Pei Qianhao answered him with a mocking gaze. “You have no right to interrogate this Prince.”


The voice of a cool male voice filled with vigour joined in. “So, this is how Prince Hao bullies the general of a country. I have really broadened my horizons.”


The visitor was clad in white robes with jinwen[1] patterns and held a black fan in his hand. Despite his seemingly nondescript appearance, his uncommon demeanour was noticeable.


Chills gripped at Li Zikang’s heart. How…why is he here? Could it be that Master finds me incompetent and wants to replace me?


Pei Qianhao’s expression remained frosty as he pondered over the appearance of the familiar visitor.


“Prince Hao, shouldn’t you give me an explanation?” The person’s voice was gentle yet imposing, but he had chosen the wrong target this time.


“Do you think there’s a need?” Pei Qianhao’s gaze became overbearing as he stared back.


Du Ling had still been in the vicinity when he noticed Li Zikang’s group making their way towards Xiang Village. Finding it strange, he had immediately returned and was currently bearing witness to this encounter.


Secretly observing from his hiding spot, shock seized Du Ling’s heart when he laid eyes on the visitor. Why is he here? It seems like the sky is really going to change in Xiliu.


The visitor was unperturbed. “Prince Hao, if that’s the case, then don’t blame Xiliu for being disrespectful. When you and the Western Region King came to Xiliu, not only did you probe around for information on the monarch, your actions were also very suspicious. Li Zikang, what are you waiting for? Capture these two perpetrators who plotted to assassinate the monarch.”


“This humble subject obeys the order.” Li Zikang then gave the order as Xiliu soldiers started to push forward.


Pei Qianhao scoffed. It looks like the mastermind is so anxious to get rid of everyone involved that they don’t even care about the safety of the civilians at the border anymore. Things must have gotten much more serious in Xiliu.


The visitor was impressed with Pei Qianhao’s composed reaction. If our identities were different, I would have liked to become friends with him.


“Prince Hao, please make a trip with me and explain things clearly.” Li Zikang was getting ahead of himself.


Before he could touch Pei Qianhao’s clothes, however, Wu Ling smacked him.


“You- audacious! How dare you offend a superior!” Li Zikang was furious.


In contrast, Wu Ling paid no heed to him, even going as far as to express his contempt with a sneer.

1. Traditional Han-style of design that uses motifs of porcelain.

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