Tying the cloth to the pigeon’s leg, Yu Xiao let it fly off before resuming his act, holding his hands over his stomach as he returned to the Xiliu soldier with a grimace on his face.




In Xiangxiu House, Pei Qianhao sat beside the window, a contemptuous sneer on his face as he monitored the guards who were assigned to watch him outside his room.


He had been patiently waiting for an opportunity, and that now Yun Ruofeng had left, Pei Qianhao walked out of his room and stopped at the door to Du Ling’s quarters. The moment his final step hit the ground, Du Ling also emerged, and the two shared a knowing smile before heading out together.


The guards who had been spying on them all this time felt anxiety gnawing at their hearts. The General is still unconscious from the alcohol, and with his irascible temper, we’ll be lucky to keep our lives if we wake him up. Since we can’t act without his orders, it’d be better to keep spying on them. Besides, they can’t leave Xiliu without the General’s token anyways.


Unbeknownst to the guards, Pei Qianhao had long discovered their presence, but paid no heed to them. Pei Qianhao had pretended to give in simply because he wanted to understand what had transpired in the nation of Xiliu. 


Although Hua Zirong wasn’t the best ruler, I must admit that he was considered virtuous and wise.


With Xiliu situated near Beimin, the first to be implicated if something happened would be Beimin’s civilians living at the border. This was something that had to be prevented at all costs.


The two left Xiangxiu House openly, and although they were supposed to be stopped, nobody present had the daring or capability.


Du Ling’s expression turned solemn once they were outside. “Prince Hao, go and look for Xi-er first. I plan to make a night visit to Xiliu’s imperial palace and figure out what on earth has happened to Hua Zirong.”


Unlike the other three nations, Xiliu’s capital was only 10 kilometres away from the border.


Pei Qianhao nodded. “Mmm.”


With that, Du Ling leapt onto a horse and headed in the direction of the imperial palace.


Watching him leave, the coldness on Pei Qianhao’s countenance deepened before he also mounted a horse and headed toward the border.


With the two splitting up, the guards tailing them had no choice but to divide their forces as well. Taking advantage of this, Pei Qianhao dismounted when he reached the woods near the border before calling out, “Show yourselves.”


The guards’ hearts trembled. What should we do?


“If you still don’t come out, don’t blame this Prince for not being polite.” His cold gaze and oppressive tone instilled the air with a sense of danger.


The guards appeared from behind the shrubs. “Prince Hao, you tried to secretly leave Xiliu while our General was drunk; this is not the way of a gentleman.”


A mocking look sliced through the air. “This Prince can come and go whenever I wish. What can you do to stop me?” His arrogance was like a sharp blade slashing at their hearts.


“Then this humble officer can only apologise for being unreasonable.”


The guards couldn’t help but feel a sense of hopelessness. Despite being fully aware that they were no match for Pei Qianhao, they still had to put everything on the line. Otherwise, if they really let him leave Xiliu, they wouldn’t be able to keep their heads when they returned.


Unsheathing the sword at his waist, Pei Qianhao was clean and decisive with his movements as he thrust it in their direction. His sword batted the soldier’s sword out of his hand before piercing the man’s shoulder, avoiding his vital points.


“Go back and tell Li Zikang: The next time he dares to set this Prince up, he’ll have to watch out for his head.” Pei Qianhao lifted himself onto his horse again and sped off.


Enduring the acute pain, the guard mounted his own horse and hurried back to report to Li Zikang.


As Pei Qianhao went further into the woods, he suddenly spotted Yu Xiao and a few Xiliu soldiers. He made a few hand gestures at the group of people, and Yu Xiao was soon brought over. Relieved that he was finally able to find Pei Qianhao, Yu Xiao quickly relayed the information he had discovered.


Hearing that Su Xi-er’s body was in an unfavourable condition, his face immediately became ice cold, but his heart was raging with anxiety.


Just as they were about to leave, Du Ling’s subordinate suddenly arrived, bringing news that his master had encountered some problems.

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