Putting his suspicions aside for now, he sped towards Xiliu, but was promptly stopped at the border.


Flames of fury gushed out from his heart. “Why can’t I be let in?!”


“The General has ordered that you’re not allowed to enter, otherwise, you’ll face the consequences!” If their tone wasn’t obvious enough, the contempt in their eyes only made it easier to understand their intentions.


With a cold glint in his eyes, he stepped forward as he stared straight at the soldiers, as if intending to force his way in.


Flashing their swords, the soldiers attempted to seize him, yet Yu Xiao dodged their attacks casually. Despite the other guards then joining in, Yu Xiao was as slippery as an eel.


Successfully enraged, the soldiers even started to draw their swords and swing at him. Before he could fall into a dangerous situation, however, Wu Ling arrived with his own subordinates.


Taking in the reinforcement troops, the soldiers from Xiliu lined up, prompting Wu Ling to shoot a look at Yu Xiao to not go overboard. He then addressed the soldiers from Xiliu. “Let’s not make a huge commotion out of this matter. I’m sure that you lot can’t bear the crime of disturbing the civilians either, right?”


The head of the soldiers nodded. “We can let you enter Xiliu, but my subordinates must follow along!”


Since the other party was willing to make a compromise, Wu Ling nodded.


Before leaving, Yu Xiao whispered Su Xi-er’s location to Wu Ling, prompting the latter to rush towards Xiang Village. Selecting a few capable men, he had them wait until midnight before sneaking into the village in disguise. Under the cover of night, Wu Ling used Yu Xiao’s information to search for Su Xi-er.




In Xiangxiu House, Yun Ruofeng suddenly received a letter from his subordinate, though his expression turned solemn upon reading its contents. 


What a bunch of trash! They can’t do anything properly! It looks like I will have to personally go to Xiang Village.


Yun Ruofeng couldn’t be bothered to inform Li Zikang as quickly mounted a horse and headed to Xiang Village.




Meanwhile, Yu Xiao was following the guards through the woods and into Xiliu when a horse galloped past, heading in the opposite direction. Of course, Yu Xiao immediately recognised the person riding it as Yun Ruofeng.


Anxiety welled up in his chest. What should I do? I’m currently monitored by the Xiliu’s soldiers, so how can I send a message to Prince Hao?


When he felt the specially made whistle in his pouch, an idea sprung into his head.


“Aiyo, aiyo!” He pressed his stomach and shouted in pain.


“What’s wrong?” The soldier’s eyes were cold, and his voice was laced with caution. Having witnessed Yu Xiao’s combat skills, he was worried about not completing his task and losing his head.


Yu Xiao continued his act. “My stomach hurts; I need to go and relieve myself.”


During this whole time, he had been feeling stifled. If not for Wu Ling’s warning, I would have taken care of this Xiliu soldier following me.


Taking out some stink grass from his pouch, Yu Xiao crushed it, suffusing the air with a pungent smell.


The Xiliu soldier covered his nose with an apparent look of disdain. “Go quickly. Don’t think of playing any tricks.”


Yu Xiao nimbly hid in the shrubs before blowing on his special whistle, prompting a grey featherless pigeon to land on his shoulder..


He tore a small piece of cloth from his clothes and bit his finger, pressing the fresh blood to the cloth as he began to write.

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