Du Ling looked at Li Zikang with derision.


Li Zikang was not pleased. Trying to embarrass me by bringing up Hua Zirong at this juncture? If it weren’t for my agreement with Yun Ruofeng, I wouldn’t be tolerating such disrespect! Hua Zirong is too soft to be the monarch of the nation, and placing him under house arrest is only beneficial for Xiliu.


Despite having such thoughts, Li Zikang wasn’t a reckless person, and knew that he had to step carefully here, lest he make it sound as if he was planning a coup.


As for Yun Ruofeng, he could only nervously observe as he went over what had just been reported to him during his brief absence. Lan-er has disappeared, and my plan was foiled yet again. Furthermore, Li Zikang isn’t aware that I kidnapped her.


Not only did he have to grapple with Pei Qianhao and Du Ling, Yun Ruofeng also had to keep the truth from Li Zikang in order to ensure that their current partnership continued.


He decided to speak up with a smile on his face. “Prince Hao, General Li just wants to make the two of you feel welcome here.”


Du Ling smirked. “Oh? Make us feel welcome? I wonder where that special area is? How does he plan to make us feel welcome?”


Pei Qianhao remained silent as he listened to their conversation.


Li Zikang answered calmly, “Western Region King and Prince Hao, you don’t seem to enjoy the dishes here at Xiangxiu Inn. How about dropping by my residence?”


“The general’s residence? I’m afraid that isn’t appropriate. I’m the King of the Western Region. Shouldn’t I be invited for a state banquet at the palace instead?”


Du Ling immediately brought up the topic that he knew Li Zikang wanted to avoid, causing the latter’s expression to sour for a moment before he collected himself.


“Xiliu’s monarch is unwell, which is why I’m tasked with welcoming you. Is the Western Region King looking down upon our monarch?” Li Zikang asked.


Annoyed as he was, Du Ling couldn’t retort without knowing Xiliu’s current situation. He turned to Pei Qianhao for support.


“In that case, we’ll stay here.” Pei Qianhao said. He already had a plan in mind.


Good men acted honestly, while despicable ones remained in the shadows. It would be a bad idea to get into a disagreement between nations at this juncture anyways.


Du Ling scoffed. “Fine then.”


Despite Pei Qianhao’s cooperation, Yun Ruofeng remained on high alert, aware that the former was not someone to give in.


Li Zikang, however, interpreted it as an act of fear, which led to him being in higher spirits.


“Get me Sanrizui (Three Days Drunk) and serve it to my guests.” He waited until several pots of wine were brought in before speaking again.


“I’ve heard that the Western Region King can hold his liquor very well. Sanrizui is a famous wine of Xiliu’s brewed with wheat and fresh grapes. Ordinary people usually get drunk after just one cup, but I believe the Western Region King won’t.” Li Zikang taunted Du Ling.


Du Ling looked at him and said, “I said I don’t drink in three specific situations. Have you forgotten about that already?”


Yun Ruofeng stopped Li Zikang from flying into a rage just in time.

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