Pei Yaran nodded. “That will be done after Prince Hao goes to Nanzhao. For now, you will purposely damage this Empress Dowager’s clothes when you go to collect them tonight, pushing the blame onto Su Xi-er.”


“Empress Dowager, that is really a brilliant idea. This servant will definitely capture Su Xi-er this time with your brilliant idea. However, Prince Hao’s clothes will also be collected at night. If by any chance I get discovered…” He Ying still felt lingering fear over how she had almost had her eyeballs gouged out that night.


Pei Yaran immediately shot her a mocking look. “Don’t you know how to wait until Prince Hao’s clothes are taken away before collecting this Empress Dowager’s clothes?”


He Ying suddenly saw the light. “This servant is slow-witted and has just realised.”


“You have been terrified until your reasoning left you. What is there to be scared of?! With this Empress Dowager here, no one will dare to touch you. As for Flower, this Empress Dowager will definitely not let things slide.” Pei Yaran flung her sleeves and looked towards the courtyard of the repose palace.




In the meantime, Su Xi-er was returning to her room after washing the Empress Dowager’s clothes. Lunch was already long gone by the time she had finished; something that left the other palace maids whispering among themselves once again. All of them knew that Miss He was intentionally making things difficult for Su Xi-er by delivering the clothes right before lunch, aiming to prevent the latter from being able to eat.


Su Xi-er rested in her room for the whole afternoon before eating dinner afterwards. When night was about to descend, Wu Ling entered the Laundry Service Bureau and took Prince Hao’s clothes away.


“You washed it pretty well. The black robes that you previously washed were also very clean.” Wu Ling glanced at the blue robe and praised. 


Afterwards, he looked at the Empress Dowager’s clothes. “Miss He sent the Empress Dowager’s clothes over for you to wash?”


Su Xi-er nodded. “Yes.”


Wu Ling’s expression changed. She can only wash for Prince Hao. Why is she washing other people’s clothes?


“In the future, you are not to wash others’ clothes without Prince Hao’s instructions. Washing Prince Hao’s clothes after your hands are stained with the smell of other people’s clothes, do you think Prince Hao would be pleased?” Wu Ling felt that his words were rock solid this time, leaving no room for backtalk.


However, Su Xi-er next words caused him to be completely stupefied.


“This servant was scrubbing the chamber pots previously. According to what you said Imperial Bodyguard Wu, the smell of chamber pots would stain Prince Hao’s clothes. In that sense, Prince Hao would also not be pleased right? Hence, this servant can’t wash Prince Hao’s clothes henceforth.”


Wu Ling’s eyes instantly widened, his expression only returning to normal after a while. “You definitely wash your hands until they are spotless. How would there still be the smell of chamber pots? Besides, weren’t you given the medicinal powder? It was specially manufactured to make your body fragrant.”


Speaking of the medicinal powder, a person with extensive research into fragrance had worked with Imperial Pharmaceutical Bureau to develop it. To put it bluntly, even if someone were to drop into a manure pit, the stench could be rapidly removed after applying the medicinal powder. 


Su Xi-er looked at Wu Ling. “If that is the case, it sounds like Prince Hao was indirectly telling this servant stinks after scrubbing the chamber pots and that I should get rid of the stench with the medicinal powder.”


With his words misunderstood and realising anything he explained would only be turned against him, Wu Ling simply waved his hand and spoke rapidly. “Remember, only wash Prince Hao’s clothes. I will inform Old Maidservant Li about this matter later. As for the Empress Dowager’s side, she won’t make things difficult for you once vocal edict is passed on. Prince Hao will be heading for Nanzhao tomorrow and will be away for at least half a month. During this period of time, you won’t have clothes to wash. Treat it as a vacation.”


Wu Ling hastily left after he relayed his instructions, not noticing the change in Su Xi-er’s eyes..


Nanzhao...Nanzhao’s state banquet...


Time really flies. I still remember last year’s state banquet. I was performing a sword dance on the elevated stage and had everyone’s attention focused on me. At that time, I wouldn’t have expected that I would be reduced to such a state in the end.


This year, I neither want nor have the ability to see it. That’s because I’m currently too weak, incapable of contending against Yun Ruofeng.


However, there will finally be a day where I will stand on the elevated stage and overlook Yun 

Ruofeng condescendingly!

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“Empress Dowager, that is really a brilliant idea.”

Comment from Lunarlark: Is it really though... This is basically the first thing that came to my mind when she brought the clothes to Su Xi-er


He Ying suddenly saw the light. “This servant is slow-witted and has just realised/managed to respond.”

Comment from Lunarlark: This woman is becoming more and more like a sack of bricks...