“This servant will wash the Empress Dowager’s clothes now. Miss He, you can collect it at night.” Su Xi-er filled the basin with water again and began washing unhurriedly.


He Ying’s attention was instead drawn by a blue robe being left to dry on the golden bamboo pole. Upon careful contemplation, she suddenly recalled that these were Prince Hao’s clothes!


Don’t tell me that Su Xi-er has become Prince Hao’s personal imperial laundry palace maid? He Ying’s complexion became even more ghastly when this thought crossed her mind. 


“When you are done washing, hang the Empress Dowager’s clothes over there to dry.” He Ying pointed to the front. “Beside Prince Hao’s robe.”


“This servant understands.” Su Xi-er replied calmly before lowering her head to continue washing.


He Ying glanced at her. “Wash meticulously. Otherwise, I’ll skin you.” She then turned around and left the Laundry Service Bureau. Prince Hao’s robes are to be washed only by Su Xi-er. I must report this matter to the Empress Dowager.


Su Xi-er paused what she was doing. He Ying is targeting me for the sake of the Empress Dowager, while the Empress Dowager is targeting me because of Pei Qianhao. Pei Qianhao is also making things difficult for me, and all of these have stemmed from me knocking him out.


If I hadn’t knocked him out that night, I could have very well lost my purity to him. If that had really happened, I’m afraid that I would have ended up like the women in the Beauty Palace, pitiful and lamentable.


At this point, she redoubled her strength to rub the clothes. Since the clothes are valuable, the material is definitely sublime. It won’t be damaged no matter how I rub.  



He Ying sped up after she disappeared from everyone’s sight, entering the Compassionate Peace Palace where Pei Yaran was drinking plum soup. 


When she heard the sound of hasty footsteps, Pei Yaran knitted her eyebrows. “What’s the matter? Why are you so flustered? Has the sky collapsed?”


“Empress Dowager…” He Ying immediately lowered her voice. “This servant went to the Laundry Service Bureau and discovered that Su Xi-er was washing Prince Hao’s clothes again, almost as if she was Prince Hao’s personal imperial laundry palace maid. In the past, Prince Hao’s clothes wouldn’t have been sent into the Laundry Service Bureau.”


Pei Yaran placed the spoon in her hand down before she looked into the distance and sneered. “He often told this Empress Dowager in the past that his clothes would be washed by the errand imperial guards at his Prince Residence. How great that he knows how to have a woman wash his clothes for him now.”


“Empress Dowager, do you still want to transfer Su Xi-er to the Beauty Palace? Why don’t you wait for Prince Hao to head for Nanzhao and directly sentence her to death?”


Pei Yaran glared at He Ying. “You are usually clever and quick-witted; why are you being so foolish now? Prince Hao is currently interested in Su Xi-er. If I sentence her to death at this critical juncture, he would have a falling out with this Empress Dowager. I know his temper best.”


He Ying pondered about it for a moment. What the Empress Dowager said made sense. Prince Hao’s thoughts are unfathomable. If we lay a hand on something he’s interested in, the consequences are inconceivable. Don’t tell me that I have to watch on helplessly as Su Xi-er continues to be arrogant? 


“This Empress Dowager and Prince Hao have gotten along for so many years. There is only one thing which sustains his interest protractedly…” The corners of Pei Yaran’s mouth were raised to form a smile. That thing is power. No one understands that better than me.


She had been very young when her father had brought Pei Qianhao to the Pei Residence. With the young boy lacking a father, Pei Yaran’s father had raised him like his own son. This was the reason that Pei Yaran knew enough about him to believe that he would definitely abandon Su Xi-er if she threatened his power. Power is the most important thing in his eyes. 


She had previously been tempted to immediately sentence Su Xi-er to death, that was no longer possible. Even though I don’t kill Su Xi-er, I can make it such that the latter suffers many hardships.


“Empress Dowager, do you mean that you are going to think of a way to send Su Xi-er into the Beauty Palace and let those women deal with her?” He Ying speculated in a low voice.

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