Yun Ruofeng had his hands full defending against Pei Qianhao’s attack, and didn’t realise that there was an arrow aimed right at him.


Just as Yu Xiao was about to release the arrow, a group of men rushed onto the fray. These men came from the border area, and Pei Qianhao recognised them as soldiers from Xiliu.


Their leader, covered in silver armor, was recognised by Pei Qianhao as General Li Zikang from Xiliu.


Seeing the general, Yun Ruofeng heaved an inward sigh of relief. They were on good terms, and he was now confident of being able to survive the battle now that the general was here.


Pei Qianhao realised something was wrong immediately. His spies had informed him about Li Zikang in the past, and he knew that the general was a rather cunning individual who always had his eyes on the throne.


If the general is here, but Hua Zirong isn’t, doesn’t this mean there’s trouble in Xiliu?


While he was thinking, Li Zikang smirked at him and said, “Isn’t this the famous Prince Hao? Why didn’t you inform me that you were planning to make a trip to the border?”


Pei Qianhao ignored the comment, deeming the despicable general someone unworthy of his time.


Li Zikang was irritated at being ignored. Pft. He’s just a bastard who doesn’t even know who his parents are. How dare he trespass in my territory.


Yun Ruofeng smirked. He knew that Li Zikang was a rather egotistical and self-centered person who would seek vengeance even for the tiniest annoyance. Pei Qianhao’s open disdain would only cause the general to harbour ill intent against him.


As Yun Ruofeng expected, Li Zikang signaled for his men to surround the two of them very quickly.


“Prince Hao, since you’re already here, why not come over and visit for a few days?” Li Zikang asked in an unwelcoming tone.


Pei Qianhao scoffed. “Do you think it’s that easy to invite this Prince anywhere?”


His eyes glinted as he stared at the general, making it obvious what his answer was.


The angered Li Zikang looked at him with utter disdain, as if he couldn’t wait to rip Pei Qianhao to shreds. “Prince Hao, I’d suggest that you come along when we’re still playing nice. Men, take Prince Hao back to the army camp.”


Yun Ruofeng took the opportunity to hide himself behind Li Zikang to watch things unfold when Li Zikang’s subordinates rushed up to Pei Qianhao.


Pei Qianhao and Yu Xiao now had their hands full fighting against the men from Xiliu. Though they were outnumbered, they were both very skilled, and it was difficult for those from Xiliu to capture them easily.


It wasn’t long until Du Ling appeared with his own men and joined the fray, causing the situation to come to a stalemate.


Yun Ruofeng’s heart sank when he saw Du Ling, understanding that this meant that Qin Ling had lost the battle. My plan has failed again.


He clenched his fists in anger, and his frustration nearly made him spit out another mouthful of blood before he forcefully swallowed it back down.


Du Ling exchanged a quick look with Pei Qianhao, who acknowledged it with a slight nod. If Du Ling is here, it means that he defeated Qin Ling.


Du Ling’s appearance, however, was something unexpected for Li Zikang. He had an agreement with Yun Ruofeng, and he felt that it would only be beneficial for him if he was able to capture Pei Qianhao here.


Even though Hua Zirong was captured and in his control, the former still had the support of some who held power in Xiliu.


Suddenly, Li Zikang was left wondering if it would be a wise decision to try and capture Pei Qianhao at this point. Even if he could succeed, he would suffer tremendous losses on his side.


“General Li, Xiliu doesn’t have to get involved in this. If Xiliu insists on getting involved, you will make enemies of the Western Region,” Du Ling said in his imposing tone.

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