The one holding the bow was none other than Yu Xiao, smirking as his eyes shifted to Yun Ruofeng.  “A leopard never changes its spots[1]. It was with an ambush that you took the life of my Big Brother, and even now, nothing has changed. I will end your life today and take revenge for my brother!”


However, Pei Qianhao waved a hand to stop Yu Xiao before he could release the arrow.


Though unhappy, Yu Xiao still retreated.


“Prince Yun and I are sparring. Though he cheated, this Prince will not stoop to the same level.” Pei Qianhao said coldly.


Yun Ruofeng was annoyed at this. How dare an inexperienced kid talk like that!


“Hah, history is written by the winners, and the losers are left to be forgotten. As long as I win the battle, why does it matter what methods I use? Besides, didn’t you employ similar tactics against the Pei Family?


He then chided his subordinate for the sneak attack earlier. “Who asked you to do that? Do you think that I’ll lose to Prince Hao?”


His subordinate knelt immediately and apologised, “This subordinate acted rashly. I realise my mistake now.”


It was clear to Yu Xiao and Pei Qianhao that Yun Ruofeng was putting on a show, but they watched with amused disdain.


“Prince Hao, one of us has to die today. Lan-er is my wife, and she’ll always be so.”


Yun Ruofeng attempted to goad Pei Qianhao into a rage, but the latter did not seem to react to his taunt. “Your Lan’er was killed by a Heart-Penetrating Arrow shot by your own hands. Right now, she is Su Xi-er, this Prince’s official wife, and Princess Consort Hao.”


Yun Ruofeng rushed at him before he finished speaking, but Pei Qianhao dodged skilfully and took the opportunity to close in on Yun Ruofeng, aiming for his throat.


Sensing danger, Yun Ruofeng backed away and raised his sword to block the incoming attack. As soon as the clang of their swords rang out, the two had already started pulling back for their next clash.


Pei Qianhao knew that he had to get rid of Yun Ruofeng in order to guarantee Su Xi-er’s safety in future.


Seeing that Pei Qianhao seemed momentarily distracted, Yun Ruofeng launched his attack and punched Pei Qianhao in his chest.


Pei Qianhao remained sturdy after the blow and refused to stagger, quickly swinging back and knocking Yun Ruofeng backwards.


“As expected of Prince Hao. You’re not to be belittled, even though you did not have the upper-hand.” Yun Ruofeng scoffed.


Likewise, even though Pei Qianhao was skilled in martial arts, he couldn’t help but admit to himself that Yun Ruofeng was indeed a very strong opponent.


Seeing that no one seemed to be getting the upper-hand in the battle, Yu Xiao wanted to test his luck again. Noticing his intentions, Pei Qianhao shot him a cold glare, but to no avail. Yu Xiao’s hatred of Yun Ruofeng was deep, and he was dead set on killing Yun Ruofeng himself with a Heart-Penetrating Arrow in order to take revenge for his brother.


Noticing something amiss, Yun Ruofeng shifted his position to one more suited for attacking. After being through so many battles, he had come to the conclusion that the best defence was a good offence.


However, Pei Qianhao wasn’t blind; he quickly recognised what Yun Ruofeng was doing, and launched a counterattack. This time, the blow was enough for his opponent to spit blood.


Spotting an opening, Yu Xiao pulled the arrow back and aimed at Yun Ruofeng.

1. For anyone curious about the original Chinese idiom, it translates literally to something like ‘it is easy to change rivers and mountains, but it is hard to change a person’s personality.

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