“There may be others keeping watch over this area, so just act like you normally do. As for food, I’ll make do with some chicken or fish soup.” Su Xi-er gave a gentle smile as she spoke.


The old woman relaxed when she saw this, and started to make her way to catch a chicken from the yard.


Su Xi-er simply rested in the house. She wasn’t familiar with the area, so it was best for her to sit and wait. She trusted that her A-Jing would come for her.


While things seemed relatively peaceful in that village, a storm was brewing elsewhere.




Since Du Ling was slowed down by Qin Ling, Pei Qianhao arrived at the border first. His vanguards were right behind him, while a group of sishi were with Yun Ruofeng.


The two camps stared each other down at the border. The commoners around the area had been evacuated, and the border gates were shut. The grey city wall made the scene look even more dreary.


Yun Ruofeng laughed. “We meet again, Prince Hao.”


“Why are you back to stir up more trouble when I let you go previously? Prince Yun’s reputation might be sullied like this.” Pei Qianhao taunted with a dangerous glint in his eyes.


“Reputation is nothing to me. Does Prince Hao have a good reputation? It may be pretty good in Beimin, but there are people who think that you’re nothing but the adopted son of the Pei Family, and a white-eyed wolf - one who bit the hand that fed him.” Yun Ruofeng challenged him.


Pei Qianhao’s men reached for the swords at their waists, ready to strike, but a quick glance from Pei Qianhao made them relax their hands again.


“Your men are well-trained. That I concede,” Yun Ruofeng said in a casual tone.


“As a commander, you actually used Yinluo Grass on your own men and resorted to underhanded means just to achieve victory.” Pei Qianhao said. You also used Yinluo Grass on the commoners of Beimin. You, Yun Ruofeng, should be ripped to shreds just for that!


“What of it? We would have lost the battle otherwise, and that would have led to even more civilians dying. Those soldiers died for their people, and I’d rather that than for the country to fall to chaos. Their deaths were worthy!” Yun Ruofeng did not seem the least bit remorseful about what he had done. If he felt remorse about anything, it would be the fact that Ning Rulan had helped hold off the enemies for him.


Pei Qianhao wasn’t one to drag a fight. He unsheathed his sword and pointed it at Yun Ruofeng, saying, “We’ll challenge each other to the death today. No one else is to interfere in our fight.”


“A one-on-one battle? Why? Because of Su Xi-er? No, it’s Lan-er.” Yun Ruofeng smirked. “She belongs to me in the first place.”


This annoyed Pei Qianhao’s subordinates. One of them said, “Princess Consort Hao naturally belongs to Prince Hao!”


“She’s supposed to be my fiancée,” Yun Ruofeng replied coldly.


“Are you scared, Prince Yun? Why are you not accepting the challenge?” Pei Qianhao scoffed at him.


Yun Ruofeng bristled, successfully provoked. There’s no way I’m running away from that challenge. But I cannot lose!


Yun Ruofeng turned to signal to his men with a gaze. The leader amongst them understood what Yun Ruofeng meant immediately!


Attack Prince Hao while they’re distracted and take his life with a single strike!


Yun Ruofeng unsheathed his sword as he walked up to Pei Qianhao. “I accept your challenge!”


Two figures of black and white moved swiftly in the wind. They were so quick that it was difficult for anyone to follow their movements, and all that could be heard was their swords clashing.


With such speed, Yun Ruofeng’s men were unable to find an opportunity to attack Pei Qianhao until the two separated. Taking advantage of this opening, one of his subordinates aimed a sneak attack at Pei Qianhao’s back.


Yun Ruofeng attacked at the same time, causing Pei Qianhao’s subordinates to yell, “Despicable!”


Pei Qianhao dodged the sneak attack just in time, but this put him right in front of Yun Ruofeng’s sword. Just as the blade was about to pierce his throat, the prince managed to bend backwards and dodge the attack.


Yun Ruofeng’s subordinate attacked again, but this time, the man’s sword fell to the ground with a clatter after being hit by an arrow.


The arrow was released by a young man carrying a wine gourd at his waist.

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