Yun Ruofeng knew she was pregnant, so he instructed the guard to stop the carriage and carried her out of the carriage.


Su Xi-er pushed him away as soon as her feet touched the ground and started vomiting. Her face was flushed, but it quickly turned pale as the chilly wind enveloped her. Noticing the cold, Yun Ruofeng draped his outer robe around her.


Holding the edges of the robe and shrugging it off, Su Xi-er said, “Enough of your pretense.” She then forcefully handed it back to Yun Ruofeng and walked to another tree to place some distance between Yun Ruofeng and herself, feeling a lot better after taking in some fresh air.


Yun Ruofeng watched as he loosely held the robe in his hands, thinking to himself, So this is what she looks like in the early stages of pregnancy.


After taking a while to rest, Su Xi-er turned back to Yun Ruofeng and said, “I can’t keep travelling in that carriage. Get a physician.”


“What if that’s not possible?” Yun Ruofeng raised a brow, smiling as he asked.


“Then I’d need to trouble you to bury my corpse,” Su Xi-er answered coldly as she made her way back to the carriage and placed a piece of ginseng in her mouth.


The bitter taste of the ginseng made her feel a lot better, and it gave her a little more energy to bicker with Yun Ruofeng.


“Bury your corpse? Including your unborn baby, that will be two lives in total. Would you like me to take care of your baby too?” Yun Ruofeng smirked as he looked at Su Xi-er’s look of surprise. He walked up to her and draped the robe over her shoulders again. “You can reject my robe and hate me, but you should think about your unborn child.”


Su Xi-er grabbed the edges of the robe tightly as she looked down at her own tummy. She did not expect to be carrying Pei Qianhao’s child so soon, but it was a pleasant surprise after she recovered from the initial shock.


It’sno wonder that I keep vomiting! She was aware that some women would feel sick in the early stages of pregnancy.


She then touched her own tummy, thinking about how it would get bigger and bigger as the days went by, just like how Zhen Yu’s had. She would give birth to a baby after carrying the child for about 9 months.


“Hmph, if you value the life of your unborn child, stop going against this Prince. You should be thankful that the two of you are alive right now.” Yun Ruofeng felt as if a needle had stabbed his heart when he saw Su Xi-er’s blissful expression.


Su Xi-er backed away and stared at him cautiously. She then placed another piece of ginseng in her mouth. It’s been such a difficult journey, I should let my baby feel a little more comfortable.


“Let’s go. After we enter Xiliu, it will be impossible for Pei Qianhao to locate you without sending troops in.” Yun Ruofeng spoke without a tinge of emotion. Su Xi-er continued to regard him cautiously, and this agitated him.


The two once again boarded the carriage before Yun Ruofeng took out a soft cushion and said, “This is made from tiger fur. You’ll feel better if you sit on it.”


Su Xi-er took the cushion mat, noticing that it did help to cushion the constant bumps from the road.


“Mei Jinxiu is dead,” Yun Ruofeng dropped the news in a calm tone; he hated seeing Su Xi-er happy because of her pregnancy, and wanted to change the mood.


This made Su Xi-er’s heart sink. She didn’t believe it when Yun Ruofeng had claimed that Pei Qianhao had fallen for his trap. Given the latter’s skills, trapping him was an enormous task that even Su Xi-er wasn’t confident in. As for Mei Jinxiu? She was already in Yun Ruofeng’s clutches.


“It’s interesting, because I wasn’t the one who killed Mei Jinxiu. Du Ling was the one who did so, driving Qin Ling to challenge him to battle. Both of them are skilled combatants with plenty of experience, and given Qin Ling’s manic state, he’d definitely try to take the Western Region King’s life. Lan-er, how do you think their battle turned out?”

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