Pei Qianhao tucked the note into his sleeve and exchanged a look with Du Ling before riding off on his horse.


Su Xi-er was transferred to a new horse carriage every time they passed a town, but felt increasingly nauseous with the amount of time she was spending on a carriage. She even vomited on the side of the road a number of times. I was fine even when riding on horseback on the battlefield in the past, so why am I vomiting so badly now?


Su Xi-er’s suspicions that she was probably unwell in some way were confirmed when a guard served her a bowl of medicine while they took a break at an inn.


She waved a hand and said, “You may leave the medicine here and come back to pick up the bowl later.”


The guard nodded and bowed. “Young Madame, this subordinate will take my leave.”


Yun Ruofeng’s subordinates kept referring to Su Xi-er as ‘Young Madame’ despite her denials, and she had simply let it be after growing tired of correcting them.


Yun Ruofeng was nowhere to be seen now that they were nearing the Beimin and Xiliu border, but the number of people guarding her only increased, making it impossible for her to escape.


Su Xi-er sniffed at the bowl of medicine, finding it unpleasant. She then picked the bowl up and poured all its contents somewhere near the foot of the bed.


The guard knocked on the door an hour later and entered to collect the empty bowl. He asked, “Prince Yun has orders for us to continue on our journey. Are you feeling better now, Young Madame?”


“We’re not leaving today. I want to see your master,” Su Xi-er answered.


“About that… Prince Yun isn’t here. Please don’t make things difficult for this subordinate, Young Madame; your request isn’t possible. Let’s continue our journey.” The guard then left the room with the empty bowl in hand.


Su Xi-er smacked her palm on the desk, annoyed at Yun Ruofeng’s schemes. She would already be planning her escape if Mei Jinxiu and Yu Xiao weren’t still in his hands. The nearer they were to the border, the more dangerous things would get.


She felt a bout of dizziness when she stood up. What’s wrong with me? Not only have I kept vomiting, I was even given medicine today.


“Young Madame, it’s getting late. We should leave soon.” The guard reminded her of the time as he stood waiting outside the room.


Su Xi-er walked out of the room without answering the guard. She had left a strong impression on the waiter due to her ravishing looks, and had also purposely given the innkeeper a few more glances, hoping that he would remember that she had visited. This way, Pei Qianhao might be able to get some clues from the innkeeper if he happened to stop by.


The guard loaded some dry rations onto the horse carriage Su Xi-er was in, and they set off soon after.


Yun Ruofeng appeared when they were about 30 miles away from the border. He smiled and said, “Do you know where I went these few days?”


Su Xi-er ignored him as she continued looking at the night scenery outside the carriage.


“Pei Qianhao, the high and mighty Prince Hao, fell into my trap and fell off a cliff.” Yun Ruofeng then continued, “That cliff was even taller than the one I fell from, and not even the gods can save him now.”


He observed Su Xi-er’s expression carefully, but found that she betrayed no emotion.


“No reaction to the news? Should I be disappointed or happy about this?” Yun Ruofeng scoffed before instructing the guard to continue on their journey.


Su Xi-er remained silent throughout the entire journey, but she started to feel uncomfortable soon after. She waved a hand and said, “Stop. I need to vomit!”

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