“Get some rest. We’ll leave after an hour.” Yun Ruofeng said before he left the room, choosing not to reveal the pregnancy to her at this point. Though he hated that the baby belonged to Pei Qianhao, he decided to protect Su Xi-er’s unborn child.


Outside, he instructed the guard, “Get the chef to prepare some fish soup for the Madame.”


Upon hearing the word ‘Madame’, the guard realised that the woman in the room must be someone who was very important to Yun Ruofeng. “This subordinate will get to it immediately.”


Su Xi-er was visibly annoyed when she heard the term ‘Madame’. She then wondered why she had been in such pain, and why she no longer felt it now that she was awake.


Is there something wrong with me? As someone who had never been pregnant before, Su Xi-er didn’t recognise the symptoms of pregnancy, and only thought that she might have fallen ill.


Lying back down on the bed, she rested for a bit before putting on her shoes and getting ready to leave. Before she could open the door, however, a waiter came in with a bowl of fish soup.


“Young Madame, you’re unwell. Have some fish soup to nourish yourself.” The waiter set the steaming bowl on the table in front of her as he spoke.


Fish soup is light and refreshing. I should definitely have some. Su Xi-er thanked the waiter and picked up the bowl.


“Be careful, Young Madame, it’s hot. I’ll take my leave now,” The waiter said with a smile, inwardly marvelling at Su Xi-er’s good looks.


Su Xi-er thought about her next steps as she drank the soup. Now that Yun Ruofeng was no longer pursuing Liu Yinyin, all the girl had to do was to locate a nearby village and wait for Pei Qianhao and Du Ling’s men to arrive. They would definitely be able to find Liu Yinyin if they conducted a search in the area.


Since Yun Ruofeng had been slowed down, Pei Qianhao should have been able to use that time to catch up.


One of Yun Ruofeng’s men walked in after Su Xi-er finished the soup. “Young Madame, it’s time to go.”


“I’m not the Young Madame so don’t address me like that.” Su Xi-er stared at the man coldly before she exited the room.


Su Xi-er’s carriage left without Yun Ruofeng. His entire group had split up, and Su Xi-er still had no idea where Mei Jinxiu and Yu Xiao were being held.


The carriage quickly left the county city, picking up speed as it progressed through the wilderness. Su Xi-er began to feel motion sick, and before long, the constant bumps on the road had her nauseous enough to yell out, “Stop!”


The guard driving the carriage stopped quickly, afraid that Su Xi-er felt unwell again. When the carriage stopped, Su Xi-er alighted and started vomiting at the side of the road. Most of the fish soup she had eaten earlier was now on the ground, and the acidic taste in her mouth made Su Xi-er grimace.


The guard then said, “Young Madame, there’s a drawer with herbs inside. You can place some herbs in your mouth if you feel unwell.”


Su Xi-er looked at her surroundings, finding that it was a plain as far as the eye could see. Even if she tried to escape after knocking the guard out, the anwei hidden around the area would probably be able to capture her again. Moreover, she felt too unwell to attempt an escape at this point.


Thus, she boarded the carriage quietly and found some of the herbs inside. She felt better almost immediately after using them, and began to plan once more.

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