Yun Ruofeng decided to ignore her after that exchange, and sat silently in the corner.


The carriage arrived at a minor road after an hour when Yun Ruofeng lifted the curtains and pointed at another carriage in front of them. “Liu Yinyin is in there.”


Getting up to disembark, Su Xi-er felt Yun Ruofeng tug at her hand before saying, “I still have a soft spot for you, so I’m allowing you to see Yinyin. However, don’t blame me for being cruel if you try to escape.”


Annoyed, Su Xi-er shrugged his hand away and alighted.


In her carriage, Liu Yinyin shouted when she saw the curtains being lifted. “Who is it!” She was distrustful of everyone after going through so much in the past few days.


Realising that it was Su Xi-er, Liu Yinyin’s eyes widened and she jumped up in surprise. The carriage started moving at the same time, causing the girl to hit her head against the sides of the carriage.


“Ah!” Liu Yinyin cried out in pain.


A gentle hand patted her on her forehead. “It’s not good to move too much when you’re in a carriage.”


“Fairy Elder Sister, you’ve been caught too?” Liu Yinyin sounded extremely concerned. If Su Xi-er was captured even when under Pei Qianhao’s protection, it would mean that Yun Ruofeng was not someone to be trifled with.


“Don’t be afraid; we can definitely escape. Yinyin, have you seen any others who were caught?” Su Xi-er asked the girl.


Liu Yinyin nodded. “There was another man and a woman, and we were all tied to pillars. The man was beaten until his clothes tore, but the woman was fine. Prince Yun is very cruel. Fairy Elder Sister, what do we do? Where will the carriage take us?”


“Don’t be scared; I have an idea.” Su Xi-er then whispered in Liu Yinyin’s ear.


Liu Yinyin smiled as she understood Su Xi-er’s plan.


The horse carriage continued throughout the night when Liu Yinyin suddenly called out.


Su Xi-er asked in concern, “What’s wrong? Feeling unwell?”


“I have a tummy ache.” Liu Yinyin held her stomach and looked like she was in a lot of pain.


Su Xi-er asked the driver to stop. “She probably needs to relieve herself after we’ve been traveling all day. Stop the carriage here. I’ll take her to the nearby forest.”


The guard looked at her and shook his head. “Stay in the carriage. She goes alone!”


Liu Yinyin pretended to be afraid and said, “No, I’m scared!”


“Are you going or not? We’ll continue if you’re not going.” The guard said impatiently.


Su Xi-er quickly relented. “I’ll stay here. You go ahead.” She shot a purposeful look at Liu Yinyin.


Liu Yinyin understood her and hopped off the carriage, holding her stomach as she did so.


Though the only guard they could see was their driver, Yun Ruofeng would definitely have stationed men around the route. Su Xi-er looked at the surroundings carefully, biding her time for the best chance to strike.


Su Xi-er pretended to get anxious after Liu Yinyin still hadn’t returned after being gone for quite a while. “I’ll go and take a look. What if something happened to her?”


“No!” The guard refused.


Su Xi-er stared at him. “She’s just a little girl. I’m worried!” She then hopped off the carriage even though the guard tried to stop her.


Seeing the guard follow her, she shouted at him, “What if the little girl is still relieving herself? Is a grown man like you going to watch?”


This made the guard stop in his tracks, leaving Su Xi-er to go ahead on her own.


Su Xi-er entered the forest and called out for Liu Yinyin before hearing a soft voice say, “I’m here.”


“Stay there and don’t move,” Su Xi-er looked around her as she spoke. There was likely to be another route if they cut through the forest.

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