Su Xi-er retorted, “He’s more honest than you in every way.”


Her words were like a sword that stabbed Yun Ruofeng’s heart. He grabbed Su Xi-er’s chin and pinched it tightly. “It’s not wise to speak like that. I’ve learnt my lesson, so don’t think that I’d be gentle with you now.”


Even as he said it, Yun Ruofeng could tell from Su Xi-er’s contemptuous gaze that she could care less if he was gentle or not. In fact, she had already decided to treat him as if he was mentally ill.


“You said that I was the only one you wanted. Did you already forget your promise when Pei Qianhao seduced you?” Yun Ruofeng let go of her and leaned back against the carriage walls.


“Ning Rulan is already dead. Didn’t you scatter the ashes at the pond in the Prince Yun Residence yourself?”


Yun Ruofeng laughed. “They were scattered in the pond. Do you hate me for that?” To hate me means that she still felt something for me at the time; could it be that…?


“No, I don’t feel any hate for you anymore. I only hate that you would be as despicable as to involve commoners and your own men by making them ingest Yinluo Grass.” Su Xi-er spoke calmly. She then asked, “Are you planning to stay in the same carriage with me until we reach the border?”


“No, but I can stay if you don’t mind it.” Yun Ruofeng raised his brows as he remarked indifferently.


“I’d like to see Yinyin.” Su Xi-er looked at him squarely.


Yun Ruofeng sat up straight and smiled. “Sure, but you’ll have to give me a kiss first.”


There was no change in Su Xi-er’s expression as she said, “I’m already married to someone else, Prince Yun. Do you want me to drown in a pig cage? I would understand if you didn’t want me to see Mei Jinxiu and Yu Xiao, but Yinyin is still a child. Do you think that I’d be able to run away with her?”


“Hmph, you’d be able to escape by yourself, but not with a little girl. Not to mention, the other two are still my hostages; though this is a despicable tactic, it’s because of you that I must use it.” Yun Ruofeng lifted the curtains to give some instructions to the guard.


The guard then turned the carriage around and headed for another route.


“I’ll allow you to travel in the same horse carriage as Liu Yinyin for three days, but you should know that I’ve also made Ning Lianchen aware of what has happened. I’m sure that he’s concerned, but he’s going to be too occupied with other things. What would happen if he can’t take the pressure at such a young age?” Yun Ruofeng asked in mock concern.


Su Xi-er smirked at this. If Ning Lianchen couldn’t take the pressure, it would simply mean that he wasn’t fit to be the Emperor. Yun Ruofeng looked satisfied with himself, but this would just be another test for Ning Lianchen.


“Not worried about your little brother; perhaps you’re kicking him to the curb now that you have a husband? Or are you afraid that your identity will be revealed and you’ll lose all the influence you have now?” Yun Ruofeng felt that there were two reasons she stayed with Pei Qianhao. First, that he cared for and treated her well; second, that she had gotten a taste of the power that the prince held.


“I’m not worried about Lianchen because I trust him. Is there anyone else in this world who loves power more than you? Yun Ruofeng, let’s just see how things go from here.”

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