She glanced at him and said, “You have quite a bit of power to be able to cause such chaos despite being removed from your position as Prince Yun.”


“Even though I’m no longer Prince Yun of Nanzhao, I still have my men there. Are you curious about how Ning Lianchen is doing?” Yun Ruofeng raised his brows as he asked, smirking. He looked like someone who had succeeded in executing an evil plan.


“Lianchen has matured under your strict guidance, and is now a capable Emperor. Your methods are useless against him.”


“Are you sure? Pei Qianhao had kept some things from you.” Yun Ruofeng said before shutting his eyes again and falling silent.


Su Xi-er couldn’t help but suspect the legitimacy of Yun Ruofeng’s words. Is he telling the truth? Did anything happen to Lianchen? I have some ex-subordinates in Nanzhao, so Feng Changqing would immediately relay any relevant news. 


However, she was clearly in no position to be informed at the moment. All she could do was stay calm and avoid being baited by Yun Ruofeng.


Seeing a lack of reaction from her, Yun Ruofeng asked again, “Not concerned about your younger brother? Nanzhao’s new policies are being enforced too quickly, and have earned the ire of several high-ranking officials, especially those who are over fifty. They’ve been officials since the late Emperor was still around, so they’re not happy about being treated poorly after having worked for the court for so long. There’s only a handful of court officials who support Lianchen right now, so how long can he last? Beimin already has its hands full taking care of itself, so it wouldn’t have the time to take care of Nanzhao.”


Nanzhao’s new policies were beneficial for the nation’s development, but there were naturally those who disliked how they conflicted with the old laws. Since Lianchen was in control of the military now, he would be able to clamp down on any dissent, as well as think of other ways to appease those who were unsatisfied with the new policies.


“You should listen to me and follow my lead if you know what’s best for you. Who knows which nation I’ll destroy next on a whim? The entire Central Plains are within my grasp.” Yun Ruofeng spoke confidently. He would feel anxious when Su Xi-er commented about him in the past, but he no longer felt that sort of anxiety now.


“That’s not confidence, that’s conceit. You’ll fall hard and fast.” Su Xi-er then looked away, gazing out of the horse carriage.


“Don’t believe me? Xiliu’s monarch is under house arrest, Nanzhao is in turmoil, and the Western Region’s court is a mess. As for Dongling, the current emperor, Chu Xian is gravely ill. The imperial physicians have no idea what to do, and he doesn’t have any offspring either. The Chu Imperial Family will end with him, and Dongling will descend into chaos.”


Su Xi-er turned to look at Yun Ruofeng. “Chu Xian is very healthy, how is it possible for him to fall gravely ill?!”


“Don’t you believe that people can fall ill because of their grief? Don’t you think that you yourself are responsible for this?” Yun Ruofeng asked coldly.


Su Xi-er did not have information about the other nations, so there was no way for her to deduce if he was lying or not.


“I don’t have to lie to you. The news of the death of Dongling’s Emperor will spread to all four nations soon. The nation will enter a state of chaos when that happens.” Yun Ruofeng then turned to look at her and said, “Lan-er, you have to admit that you’re a woman who caused worldwide chaos. Just your identity alone is complicated enough to drag in Beimin, Nanzhao, and the Western Region. Xiliu is a mess because of the plans I made to obtain you, and Dongling’s Emperor will soon die because of you as well.”


“Pinning everything on me, aren’t you, Yun Ruofeng? Do you still care about your reputation?.” Su Xi-er mocked.


Yun Ruofeng sat up slightly and went closer to her. “I just want you, I don’t care about my reputation.”


She looked at him and asked, “You don’t want me. Don’t you have the ambition of taking over the world?”


“Every capable man has ambition. You think Pei Qianhao doesn’t? Do you think he’s done any less than me behind your back? It’s just that you’re not aware of it,” Yun Ruofeng scoffed.

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