Upon their arrival in the provincial city, Qin Ling and Su Xi-er were separated, with the latter being led into the posthouse to meet with Yun Ruofeng.


Yun Ruofeng looked calm as he pointed at the dishes on the table. “Have some food. We’ll be leaving soon.”


Not about to go hungry, Su Xi-er picked up a pastry and snacked on it as she took sips of water, pointedly ignoring Yun Ruofeng.


A smile appeared on Yun Ruofeng’s face as he watched her eat. If only we could be like an ordinary couple simply taking a rest in the posthouse, he thought.


Su Xi-er dusted her hands clean after eating a few pieces of pastries and looked at Yun Ruofeng squarely as she asked, “Where are Mei Jinxiu, Yu Xiao and Yinyin?”


“Can we talk about something else?” Yun Ruofeng asked in a rising tone, his expression betraying nothing.


“What else can we talk about? Can you let everything go if I tell you to?” Su Xi-er mocked.


Yun Ruofeng could sense the sarcasm in her words. He wanted her, but she had already been in another man’s embrace when he had returned. It wouldn’t be easy to get her back.


Pei Qianhao was powerful in Beimin, so he had to have even more power than Pei Qianhao! Starting from Xiliu, he began to cause disruption among the nations as he controlled things from behind the scenes.


He was betting everything he had on this plan.


Seeing him remain silent, Su Xi-er got up and looked down at him. “It would be almost impossible for me to escape under the watchful eyes of so many of your subordinates. Where are Mei Jinxiu and the rest? How are they doing now?”


“Worried?” Yun Ruofeng laughed. “They’ve been very good so I won’t do anything to them. Qin Ling has gone to see Mei Jinxiu, and I’m not that stupid to put the other two together with her.”


This made the rescue a lot more difficult since the hostages weren’t being held in a single location. Though Su Xi-er kept a poker face, she thought, He’s getting more and more despicable as time passes.


Yun Ruofeng stood up and walked towards her, closing in as he said, “Pei Qianhao won’t be able to find you this time, so be good, and I won’t do anything. Otherwise, I’d rather hand Pei Qianhao a corpse.”


Yun Ruofeng then exited the post house and boarded a horse carriage, lifting the curtains and signalling for Su Xi-er to join him.


Su Xi-er could hear his words echoing in her ears. Heh, he’s still thinking of taking my life.


Taking steady steps towards the carriage, Su Xi-er took a subtle glance behind her before boarding the carriage. She was pretending to obey Yun Ruofeng at the moment in order to get clues on where Mei Jinxiu and the rest were being held. She surmised that the hostages would most likely be travelling with them, and that even though the routes they took might be slightly different their destination would be the same: the border of Beimin and Xiliu.


Being surrounded by the other three nations of the Central Plains, Beimin’s geographical location was rather unique.


Su Xi-er took a seat in the carriage that would place her furthest away from Yun Ruofeng as the vehicle started moving. Not seeming to mind, the latter simply folded his hands behind his head as he leaned back, seemingly content that his plans were proceeding smoothly.


He opened his eyes after a while to see Su Xi-er’s calm expression. “Want to know where I’m taking you?” he asked.

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