In their manic state, the commoners were angered by Su Xi-er standing there calmly amidst the chaos, and started to charge towards her. Of course, there was no way they would actually hit her with their large and uncoordinated swings. Dodging past the clumsy strikes, Su Xi-er only knocked them out. Before long, a crowd of unconscious people started to accumulate.


The rest of the crowd got even angrier as they saw their counterparts collapse, and another group was approaching from behind; even children were counted among their number. As for Pei Qianhao and Du Ling, they were being held up by a similar scene.


Not wanting to hurt the civilians, Pei Qianhao and Du Ling had been dealing with the situation in a similar manner as Su Xi-er, but suddenly found that Yun Ruofeng’s soldiers were mixed into the crowd. It quickly became clear that this group had trained to strike quickly and retreat into the crowd of civilians for cover before they could be caught.


Pei Qianhao and Du Ling frowned as they watched the commoners closing in on them. They then exchanged a look, as if they had decided on a plan.


The commoners were knocked out shortly after, but some who were not fast enough to dodge were killed by Yun Ruofeng’s soldiers.


When Pei Qianhao and Du Ling arrived at the foot of the mountain, they saw a bunch of commoners collapsed on the ground. Su Xi-er, however, was nowhere to be found.


Pei Qianhao gripped the rope on his horse tightly. Yun Ruofeng made all these commoners ingest Yinluo Grass!


“Xi-er knows what to do. Look for the tracks!” Du Ling said before he hopped off his horse and began searching for clues.


They found the handkerchief that Tan Ge gave Su Xi-er on the ground after a quick search. Su Xi-er had used the handkerchief as a clue when she was threatened by Yun Ruofeng in the past, and now she was doing it again!


However, the one who had abducted Su Xi-er this time wasn’t Yun Ruofeng, but Qin Ling.


The two were sitting in a horse carriage that was speeding along while being driven by one of Yun Ruofeng’s subordinates.


“Princess Consort Hao, Jinxiu is in Prince Yun’s hands. I’m left with no choice.” Qin Ling spoke calmly and seriously.


“You’re not at fault for wanting to save your beloved,” Su Xi-er said. It was only unfortunate that the driver heard their words and sped up.


Unexpectedly, Yun Ruofeng had gone as far as to drag so many innocent commoners in just to kidnap Su Xi-er.


An hour later, Qin Ling glanced at Su Xi-er and spoke softly so that he could not be heard. “Prince Yun has soldiers in Xiliu, but civil unrest has engulfed the nation, and their monarch has been placed under house arrest for unknown reasons. We’ll be fine if we can escape unscathed after saving Jinxiu, Yu Xiao, and Yinyin before we enter Xiliu’s borders.”


Su Xi-er nodded at this, wondering about Yun Ruofeng’s intentions. How did he train the men in Xiliu?


“Princess Consort Hao, I wasn’t aware of Prince Yun’s dealings in Xiliu before this. I thought he wanted peace for Nanzhao, but it seems like he actually wants to take over the world. His power base in Dongling has fallen apart, but he still has men in Xiliu, Nanzhao, and even Beimin! Most of his power is concentrated in Xiliu right now!”


Su Xi-er clenched her fists. “Qin Ling, we have to find Jinxiu, Yu Xiao, and Yinyin’s whereabouts before arriving at Xiliu’s border.”


“Based on Prince Yun’s tactics, I’m afraid we might not be able to meet them; we’ll probably be kept in this carriage for the entire journey.”


Su Xi-er laughed. “He’ll definitely come and meet me. I have my ways.”


Yun Ruofeng was waiting in a county city thirty miles away from the suburbs. As Su Xi-er had expected, he was waiting to meet her.

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