Su Xi-er took the bottle of pills and placed it inside her sleeves. “As expected of a miracle pill from the Western Region, it’s very effective.”


“We’ll be able to meet more often when things are settled. As the Western Region’s only Imperial Princess, you’ll need to have two names, and one of the surnames has to be from the Western Region.” Du Ling looked at Pei Qianhao as he spoke. The tradition in the Western Region is for children to take their mother’s surnames. In contrast, only men who marry into their wives’ family and their children can take another surname.


Pei Qianhao answered, “We’ll follow the tradition in the Western Region.”


Du Ling was relieved to hear that Pei Qianhao wasn’t averse to the idea.


They still had eight hours before the appointed time with Yun Ruofeng, but the hours passed by quickly, and the cold breeze picked up as night fell on a moonless evening. As a horse carriage prepared to leave the Prince Hao Residence, Huyan Fei arrived to announce that he had found Qin Ling.


Su Xi-er acknowledged him and said, “Follow the Western Region King and follow his instructions. Where’s Qin Ling now?”


“In the suburbs.”


Su Xi-er answered in affirmation and told the guard, “To the suburbs.”


The carriage then headed for the city gates as Huyan Fei entered the Prince Hao Residence to wait with Pei Qianhao and Du Ling. It was an hour later that they set off.


Su Xi-er did not see Qin Ling in the suburbs, but when the carriage was about a mile away from the foot of the mountain that she was supposed to meet Yun Ruofeng, she alighted the carriage and told the guard to head back.


She then continued the rest of the journey on foot, with the sound of the wind whistling through her ears being her only companion.


Su Xi-er didn’t see anyone when she arrived at the agreed upon spot, nor did anyone appear even after she waited. Why is Yun Ruofeng not appearing? 


Su Xi-er considered her options. If I continue waiting, A-Jing and Du Ling will arrive soon. She yelled into the air, “Yun Ruofeng, come out and stop hiding!”


What answered her was the sound of the howling wind. Su Xi-er frowned and shouted again, “I’m going to leave if you’re not coming out!” Refusing to appear after getting me to come all the way here? Is this a ploy?


She made a move to leave, not believing that Yun Ruofeng would call her bluff.


However, she spotted a huge crowd in front of her after only taking a few steps. They were civilians dressed in ordinary clothes, and all of them seemed to be having a manic episode as they yelled and screamed at one another.


“Ahhh, where is this place!”


“Don’t block my way. Go to hell!”


“The enemy is coming! Kill them!”


This group of commoners was composed of both young and old, as well as males and females. Some were even waving around wooden posts as makeshift weapons, but they all seemed to be easily angered as they manically ran forward.


When Su Xi-er saw the waves of commoners running towards her, she could tell that they weren’t Yun Ruofeng’s men. These really were just ordinary citizens of Beimin!


With the state that they were in, it didn’t take long for Su Xi-er to understand what had happened. Yinluo Grass! They’ve all ingested Yinluo Grass, and the only one who can cure them completely is Mei Jinxiu who’s been captured!

Yun Ruofeng, you’re despicable! Su Xi-er clenched her fists as she watched the commoners approach.

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