Huyan Fei came back to his senses and said, “This subordinate is simply worried about Princess Consort Hao. She saved my life once when I was being controlled by the fake princess.”


“Is that so? Come on in then.” Du Ling then turned and walked in with Huyan Fei following closely behind.


Huyan Fei spotted a rosy-cheeked and cheerful Su Xi-er as he entered the main hall, watching her until he felt a cold gaze settle upon him.


Huyan Fei bowed and greeted, “Paying my respects to Prince Hao and Princess Consort Hao.”


Pei Qianhao waved a hand. “Please rise. What brings Lord Huyan to the Prince Hao Residence?” 


Though he didn’t like the way that Huyan Fei was eyeing Su Xi-er, he had no choice but to maintain a mediocrum of politeness while speaking to an important official from the Western Region.


Those from the Western Region had rather straightforward personalities, so Huyan Fei answered honestly, “There have been rumours about Princess Consort Hao spreading throughout the four nations; after being saved by her once, this humble subject couldn’t help but be concerned, so I decided to come and take a look” His gaze wandered back to Su Xi-er right after.


Pei Qianhao’s gaze darkened at this, and the temperature in the hall seemed to drop several degrees.


Su Xi-er laughed and said, “Lord Huyan, I heard that you’re pretty good at tracking?”


He nodded and said, “Princess Consort Hao, feel free to request anything of me.” In fact, Huyan Fei was a masterful tracker that not many could hold a candle to, even among all the countries.


A Western Region official was obeying the orders of Beimin’s Princess Consort Hao. Du Ling smirked slightly at this as he glanced at Pei Qianhao, finding that the prince’s expression was far from happy.


“Lord Huyan, I would like you to locate Nanzhao’s previous Imperial Army Commander, Qin Ling. Would you be able to locate him before sunset if he’s still within a thirty-mile radius of Beimin’s capital city?”


Huyan Fei bowed and said, “That can be done as long as he’s still within that area. This subordinate will start the search immediately after getting his portrait.”


“Great. As expected of Lord Huyan!” Su Xi-er then left to get Qin Ling’s portrait.


Unfortunately, her absence left Pei Qianhao, Du Ling and Huyan Fei as the only ones left in the main hall, and a distinctly awkward atmosphere came over them. To his credit, Huyan Fei respectfully stood to the side, seemingly oblivious to Pei Qianhao’s enmity.


The atmosphere in the hall turned rather bizarre, and when Su Xi-er returned with the portrait, she asked, “A-Jing, why aren’t you getting the servants to serve some tea?”


She then walked up to Huyan Fei and passed the portrait to him. “I’ll have to trouble Lord Huyan for this.”


Huyan Fei took the portrait from her and said, “Princess Consort Hao, I will try my best to locate him.” He then bowed respectfully and exited the hall.


Du Ling smiled after Huyan Fei left. “Huyan Fei’s tracking skills are top-notch. It will be best if Qin Ling can work with us too.”


“Qin Ling had worked under Yun Ruofeng for a long time, and knows his tricks well.” Su Xi-er said before handing a letter to Pei Qianhao. “A-Jing, get the men to send this to Nanzhao as quickly as possible. Judging from how Yun Ruofeng usually acts, the news of Liu Yinyin having been captured would definitely have reached Lianchen by now. He has to keep a clear head and stay calm at this juncture.”


Pei Qianhao took the letter and said, “Xi-er, stay away from Huyan Fei in future, and don’t smile at him, understand?”


Su Xi-er’s eyes widened in slight surprise before realising what was going on. This man can get jealous over anything!


“Such jealousy, cold-faced warrior prince,” Du Ling teased. He then took out a bottle of pills from his sleeve and said, “Royal Grandmother told me to give you this. She has already acknowledged you as her granddaughter, so she doesn’t believe in those rumors. I made the trip here so that I can give the people of the Western Region an explanation, that’s all.”

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