Mei Jinxiu yelled, “Belong to you? Kek, you’re still deluding yourself? Now that I think about it, You are really shameless, Prince Yun, going as far as to disturb the peaceful lives of the commoners!”


“Shameless?” Yun Ruofeng smirked as he closed in on Mei Jinxiu, raising a hand to lift up her face as he stared into her eyes with his own dark pupils. Not one to back down, Mei Jinxiu returned his look with one just as fierce. 


“I guess you don’t want your tongue anymore.” He then pushed her away, with the force causing Mei Jinxiu’s head to hit the pillar behind her.


Liu Yinyin watched in horror at everything that was unfolding. Seeing how Mei Jinxiu was being treated, she said, “Father said that a good man should not treat a woman this way. It’s not right for you to do this.”


Yun Ruofeng looked at the girl, the corners of his lips curving upwards. He then instructed the guards, “Miss Yinyin is Grand Tutor Liu’s daughter. As a loyal citizen who gave his life for the nation, we must treat his daughter well. Take her away, and take care of her.”


The guard went up to release Liu Yinyin from her ropes before dragging her away rather roughly.


Mei Jinxiu tried to wriggle herself free, but the ropes which bound her were too tight. “Yun Ruofeng, you’re inhumane! Yinyin is only a child! How could you even think of doing anything to her!”


Yun Ruofeng looked at her and scoffed, “You should worry about yourself for now. It’s all thanks to Qin Ling that I was able to capture you.”


Mei Jinxiu’s gaze turned cold at the mention of Qin Ling. Not wanting her to be too upset, Yu Xiao said, “Qin Ling is much better than you!”


Yun Ruofeng glanced at Yu Xiao, but eventually ignored him and left the room.


A guard asked, “Prince Yun, the Western Region King has already arrived at the Prince Hao Residence. What should we do next?”


Yun Ruofeng looked up, observing the cloudless sky. Yinluo Grass will be put to good use tonight.


“Make the preparations. If everything goes according to plan, we’ll leave Beimin tonight and head for Xiliu.”


The guard answered, “This subordinate obeys; the plan will be carried out.”


Yun Ruofeng nodded. He was the only one left in the courtyard after the guard exited.


Xi-er, please come on your own tonight. Don’t blame this Prince for being cruel if you bring any other companions with you.


More guards were now on patrol in the Beimin’s capital, and even the busiest streets seemed to have quieted down. Du Ling had already arrived at the Prince Hao Residence, and was waiting for Su Xi-er in the main hall.


All the guards were asked to retreat, and Pei Qianhao entered the hall shortly after.


Seeing that Su Xi-er was not with him, Du Ling asked, “Prince Hao, what’s your view on the rumours? Are they true?”


“Does the Western Region King think that they are?” Pei Qianhao posed the question to him instead.


After a moment of contemplation, Du Ling’s voice rang out just in time for Su Xi-er to enter and hear him. “She’s my younger sister, no matter what.”


As he finished speaking, Du Ling’s eyes turned to Su Xi-er, posing a silent question.


“Western Region King, the rumours are true. I’m not your younger sister, but Nanzhao’s Eldest Imperial Princess, Ning Rulan.” Su Xi-er came clean immediately since she had no intention of lying in the first place.

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