Zhen Yu knew that things were rather chaotic in Beimin right now, but she smiled and said, “Princess Consort Hao, there’s no need to be so worried with so many of you around. My parents are already here as well, and they’re happy knowing that I’m doing well. The imperial physician even said that the child is likely a boy.”


“He’s going to grow up to be an incredible person!” Su Xi-er smiled and turned to Xie Liuli before saying, “I thought I’d visit since I happened to pass by the Commandery Prince Residence. A-Jing is still waiting for me, so I’ll get going now. Liuli, there’s something I’d like you to have.”


Su Xi-er then gave her a packet of powder and said, “This is just in case.”


Xie Liuli understood Su Xi-er’s intentions, but tried to make herself sound more cheerful since Zhen Yu was present. “Thank you, Princess Consort Hao.”


Su Xi-er and Zhen Yu then chatted for a while more before the former left the Commandery Prince Residence.


After boarding her horse carriage, Su Xi-er instructed the guard to head to the Prince Hao Residence as quickly as possible.


As they were travelling along the streets, several commoners could be heard yelling.


“The Western Region King has arrived. The Western Region King is in the city!!!”


“Commander Wu and Prince Hao are escorting him personally. They just entered through the city gates, and are headed for the Prince Hao Residence!”


“The King of the Western Region must be here because of those rumours. She’s the Imperial Princess of the Western Region, so how could she be accused of being an evil spirit!”


A look of concern appeared on Su Xi-er’s face upon hearing the commoners. Mei Jinxiu, Yu Xiao, and Yinyin have been kidnapped by Yun Ruofeng, and now, Du Ling happens to arrive.


She would have to meet Du Ling and reveal the truth.


Su Xi-er thus instructed the guard, “Choose a quieter route and speed up so that I can return to the residence to welcome the Western Region King!”


“Understood.” The guard turned the horse around and cracked his whip, speeding up.


Du Ling had a grave look on his face while his hands clenched around the reigns of his horse as he passed through the city gates. The rumour had made its way to the Western Region, shocking both the officials and commoners. Several officials had even submitted memorandums to request for the court to look into the matter.


He did not come alone this time; Commander Zhao Wu and Huyan Fei were with him. Huyan Fei was a lot stronger now after getting treatment, and he was here since they needed at least one representative each from the left and right factions.


The commoners lined the streets and watched in quiet awe as the procession led by Pei Qianhao and Wu Ling passed. The atmosphere was rather serious.


A man who had been hiding in a corner dashed off after the procession passed.


Within an hour, the man arrived at an obscure location and bowed after he entered. “Prince Yun, the King of the Western Region has arrived. Commander Zhao Wu and Huyan Fei are also here.”


Yun Ruofeng did not look the least bit perturbed. “Huyan Fei used to have a marriage agreement with the Imperial Princess of the Western Region, so it’s only natural that he’s here. As for Commander Zhao Wu, he’s someone who’s very straightforward and direct.”


“Prince Yun, this subordinate will do as you wish.”


Yun Ruofeng waved a hand and said, “No need to rush. This Prince has control over those she cares about. She’ll have to come alone tonight. If there’s anyone with her, kill Mei Jinxiu.”


“Prince Yun, Commander Qin has feelings for Miss Mei. This subordinate is of the opinion that Commander Qin would never obey you if we kill her.”


“Qin Ling is only one of many skilled men under my command. I’m already being very merciful by not taking his life.” With a wave of his sleeves, Yun Ruofeng walked through a secret door.


Mei Jinxiu, Yu Xiao, and Liu Yinyin had been tied to pillars. Yu Xiao had already sustained several injuries from whipping since he was rather impetuous.


Seeing Yun Ruofeng enter, Yu Xiao shouted angrily, “Despicable! Someone like you isn’t fit to rule, and you can forget about the Princess Consort as well!”


Yun Ruofeng smirked. “She belongs to this Prince in the first place, so I’m just taking her back. Is it really so despicable to retrieve something that belongs to me?”

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