“Miss Mei is a famous physician around here. With all the sudden deaths occurring, those with bad intentions must be afraid that Miss Mei would be able to help treat the commoners, so they kidnapped her instead! Despicable!” An old man commented in anger.


Many others who heard him agreed, and their worry for Mei Jinxiu was apparent from their visage.


The sound of wheels announced the arrival of Su Xi-er, and some of the commoners who recognised her immediately bowed. “This peasant pays my respects to Princess Consort Hao!”


Upon hearing ‘Princess Consort Hao’, the others backed away and created a path for Su Xi-er.


Su Xi-er looked at them and smiled. “Don’t worry. Miss Mei will be fine. Everything is going according to what the imperial court has planned.” She then made her way towards the Mei Family Clinic after speaking.


The commoners were confused upon hearing this, but a bright young man said, “Miss Mei’s disappearance was staged by the imperial court! They surely have a plan, but why did Princess Consort Hao admit to it in public? Isn’t she afraid that she’ll alert the troublemakers?”


An elderly man stroked his beard and said, “Princess Consort Hao will have her reasons. All we need to know is that Miss Mei will be fine. There’s no other skilled physician as young as her around.”


Everyone nodded in agreement, and the crowd dissipated shortly after. The news about Mei Jinxiu’s staged disappearance spread among the people very quickly.


Su Xi-er looked at the guards in the clinic and instructed, “Get a few dogs to help with tracking. We’ll take action when night falls.”


The guards bowed to acknowledge the order before going about their duties.


Afterwards, Su Xi-er exited the clinic and boarded a horse carriage to make her way to the Commandery Prince Residence. She hoped that nothing else would happen after Yun Ruofeng kidnapped Mei Jinxiu and Yu Xiao.


She arrived at the Commandery Prince Residence within an hour, and the guard at the door greeted her, “This subordinate pays my respects to Princess Consort Hao.”


Su Xi-er waved a hand and said, “Tighten security for the next few days. Commandery Prince Xie is busy with his duties, so it’s important to keep the residence safe.”


“Princess Consort Hao, Commandery Prince Xie has already given us instructions to step up security.”


“Mmm,” Su Xi-er acknowledged before entering the compound. She planned to issue a challenge to Yun Ruofeng tonight. If his men could place a note in her horse carriage, it meant that he had a rather fool-proof plan.


However, for now, she wanted to see Zhen Yu and Xie Liuli.


She spotted both women in the compound after a short time, and was able to tell from Zhen Yu’s belly that she was due soon.


Zhen Yu smiled happily upon seeing Su Xi-er. She looked to be the picture of health with her skin practically shining thanks to all the nourishing soups she was having.


The heavily pregnant Zhen Yu was unable to bow, so she smiled and greeted, “Princess Consort Hao.”


Su Xi-er walked up to her and held her hands. “Zhen Yu, take care of yourself. Liuli, stay by Zhen Yu’s side and don’t leave her.”

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