Situ Lin passed the note to her and said, “Imperial Aunt, look at this. The handwriting is exactly the same as Yinyin’s. Is it possible that someone snuck into the palace and forced Yinyin to write the note so that we’d think that she left on her own?”


Su Xi-er studied the note carefully before saying, “Security in the palace is tight, and it’s not possible for anyone to enter or exit on a whim. The only possibility is that she was kidnapped, and if you look at the last character on this note, you can see an error. It was as if she was trembling when she wrote it.”


She then passed the note back to Situ Lin, who quickly verified what Su Xi-er had said. “Imperial Aunt, you’re right! I didn’t even notice that!”


Those who weren’t well-versed in calligraphy probably wouldn’t have even noticed anything. Furthermore, it also had to be remembered that Liu Yinyin was Grand Tutor Liu’s daughter, and a clever academic herself; she would have never made such a mistake normally.


“Your Majesty, send men to search the capital and the suburbs. Issue an imperial announcement to inform the people that things are more serious than they seem. Mei Jinxiu has been working day and night to look into how to neutralise Yinluo Grassdevil’s weed.” At this point, a guard outside gave his report anxiously.


“Your Majesty, there’s bad news; there was an attack on the Mei Family Clinic. The guards stationed there are all dead, and Miss Mei and Yu Xiao are nowhere to be found!”


Situ Lin frowned at the news as he walked out of the room. “When did you realise this?”


“An old man wanted to visit the clinic and waited for them to open since they usually do so at the same time every day. This morning, however, the doors remained closed. It was only when the old man received no reply after calling out and went to the yamen guards for help that they realised something was wrong!”


Su Xi-er walked up to them and asked, “Has Prince Hao been informed?”


“Princess Consort, Prince Hao is already aware. Commandery Prince Xie is also on his way there. The guards from the yamen and the Imperial Army are currently looking for Miss Mei and Yu Xiao in secret.”


Su Xi-er waved a hand to dismiss the guard and turned to Situ Lin. “Your Majesty, make sure you maintain stability in the court. Yinyin, Mei Jinxiu and Yu Xiao have been captured by the same person.”


“Imperial Aunt, the one who captured them is…?” Situ Lin frowned; he could easily tell that the culprit was targeting Pei Qianhao and Su Xi-er.


“Don’t worry, they’ll be fine.” Su Xi-er then made her way towards a palace sedan and left.


When she transferred to her own horse carriage, she found a note on the seat. Apart from a few words, there were also a few strands of hair placed within. It read: ’This is Liu Yinyin’s hair. If you don’t follow him, it won’t just be a few strands of hair next.’


Su Xi-er pursed her lips at this and crumpled the note. Yun Ruofeng is using Liu Yinyin to threaten me! At this point, I don’t believe that his objective is simply me. With how he’s trying to cause chaos among the four nations and the Western Region, it’s clear that he’s trying to take over the world.


Not only is he not remorseful, he refuses to learn from his mistakes, and he’d rather continue with his horrid deeds! I wonder if Feng Xiao would regret saving him if he knew of all this.


Feng Xiao, in fact, had his own reasons for saving Yun Ruofeng.


When the guard Su Xi-er had instructed to go to the Mei Family Clinic arrived, there were several commoners at the door discussing the matter.


“Miss Mei is so kind, why would she be kidnapped? What is the culprit trying to achieve?”

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