Qin Ling fell silent, his brows knitting as he remembered the past. Ning Rulan had just fallen, and as Commander Wei’s most trusted subordinate, he had no choice but to chase down her subordinates to ensure stability in Nanzhao.


What he did not expect was that Yun Ruofeng would proceed to cruelly execute those men. While he had hesitated, Qin Ling had still followed his master’s orders; there was nothing he could say to Yu Xiao.


“Leave! You’re not fit to be here!” Yu Xiao yelled as he pointed towards the door.


Qin Ling hesitated for a moment before he looked back at Mei Jinxiu. Taking out the key in his sleeve, he slowly set it in her hand and turned away. “Miss Mei, don’t put the key under that rock again.”


Mei Jinxiu gripped the key tight. No one but she and Qin Ling knew about this key; she had purposely left it out for him. By returning it to her, he was saying that he would never appear before her again.


Mei Jinxiu couldn’t help the feeling of bitterness that arose within her heart, and Yu Xiao turned to her to ask, “What’s wrong? Are you sad that Qin Ling has left?”


Mei Jinxiu sniffed and waved a hand. “It’s nothing. Why would I be sad? Anyways, we should be focusing on how to neutralise the effects of Yinluo Grass. I recall that there was an expert in Nanzhao who left behind a prescription, but I was only able to go over it briefly before it was stolen. Thankfully, I remember the main ingredients, and we should be able to come up with an antidote based on that.”


Seeing the determination in Mei Jinxiu’s eyes, Yu Xiao teased, “You’d be a brave warrior if you were a man!”


“It’s just too bad I’m a woman,” Mei Jinxiu said with a hint of sadness. If she were a man, she might have had enough power to protect the Mei Family from being destroyed. However, she was now in Beimin, and the Mei Family was under someone else’s control. Once she proved herself by neutralising Yinluo Grass, she would receive a monetary reward. Then all she would need would be for Pei Qianhao to provide some men to assist her in taking back the Mei Family!


Mei Jinxiu then turned back into the compound, with Yu Xiao following closely behind.


Qin Ling barred the main door from the inside before jumping over the wall and locking it from outside as well. He had noticed the many guards around the Mei Family Clinic, and now that the door was secured, it should be safer for those within.


Qin Ling felt his heart grow heavy as he was about to leave. He decided that it would be the last time that he would visit the compound.


What he did not know was that Yun Ruofeng’s subordinates had snuck into the compound right after he left, having taken advantage of the guards’ lowered attention after seeing that Qin Ling and Mei Jinxiu knew one another.


The guards stationed in the clinic were all captured within an hour, leaving Mei Jinxiu and Yu Xiao hopelessly outnumbered as well.

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