“Prince Yun is planning to…?” The subordinate was rather confused at the order. Who is Liu Yinyin?


“Liu Yinyin is the daughter of Nanzhao’s Grand Tutor Liu, someone whom the Emperor misses a lot.” Yun Ruofeng explained. His subordinate understood instantly, and bowed before leaving.


A little while later, a dark figure lurked in the streets, arriving near the Commandery Prince’s compound, observing in silence as a man carried a woman into a horse carriage before departing.


Hearing some rustling noises, one of the guards at the door yelled out, “Who’s there?!” He then glanced at his colleague as they both approached the source of disturbance with halberds raised.


The two were about to attack with their halberds before seeing a dark figure slip out from the shadows from the corners of their eyes.


The figure moved swiftly and grabbed their necks, and before long, both guards were lying crumpled on the ground with their necks broken. Another guard inside the compound had heard the commotion, and came out just in time to see the dark figure slinking away.


He went back into the compound to inform the rest. The two guards outside were carried back into the compound, and someone was sent to inform Xie Yun and Pei Qianhao about this.


Qin Ling had arrived at the Mei Family Clinic entrance at this point, but was answered by silence when he knocked on the door. He then went to retrieve a key from underneath a huge rock at the entrance, having been told by Mei Jinxiu that she had hidden a spare one there.


He entered and closed the door behind him, knowing that the tail that Yun Ruofeng had put on him had seen everything.


A dark figure passed Qin Ling as he walked into the compound. Would it be Prince Yun’s men who snuck in?


The figure passed him once more, and Qin Ling readied himself in a fighting stance.


A powerful fist came his way in the next second, which Qin Ling dodged skilfully.


A female voice then shouted, “Yu Xiao, Qin Ling, we’re not enemies; stop fighting!”


Both men stopped, and Yu Xiao finally took a moment to recognise the man in front of him: Nanzhao’s previous Imperial Army Commander, Qin Ling.


Qin Ling observed Yu Xiao, realising that he had seen the man before. Why is he in the Mei Family Clinic?


“Isn’t Qin Ling one of Yun Ruofeng’s dogs? Why are we not enemies?” Yu Xiao crossed his arms as he asked sarcastically.


Yun Ruofeng’s dog? Qin Ling frowned at this as he walked up to Mei Jinxiu.


“I thought you said you wouldn’t help? What are you doing here?” Mei Jinxiu was holding a basket of herbs as she asked.


“I’m not getting involved in this.” Qin Ling answered.


Yu Xiao scoffed. “You’re nothing but a dog! Who knows if you’d betray us for your master! The best thing you can do is to get far away from here and stay away from Miss Mei, otherwise, we would fall into your trap and wouldn’t even know we died!”


Qin Ling turned to look at Yu Xiao and said, “I’ve never done anything heinous.”


Yu Xiao did not relent as he continued, “Criminals don’t confess their crimes themselves. Only a few hundred men loyal to the Eldest Imperial Princess were left alive, and among them were Big Brother Changqing and my big brother. One is permanently disfigured, and the other is dead! Don’t say that you weren’t among those who pursued them!”

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