Qin Ling bowed and said, “Prince Yun, this subordinate will not forget my roots as a citizen of Nanzhao. I remember everything that you have done for me, but I do not wish to do anything that goes against my conscience. If Prince Yun insists on continuing, this subordinate will not impede nor assist you in any way.”


Yun Ruofeng looked at Qin Ling. “You’d have died in the wilderness if it weren’t for me.” he scoffed before continuing. “This Prince won’t pursue the matter further since you’ve already made your choice.” He then waved a hand to signal that Qin Ling was allowed to leave.


Qin Ling hesitated for a moment. Prince Yun is letting me go, just like that? He looked at Yun Ruofeng suspiciously, unsure of the latter’s intentions.


“You won’t have another chance if you don’t leave now.” Yun Ruofeng made it extremely clear.


Instead of leaving immediately, Qin Ling asked, “Prince Yun, this subordinate knows that you will not give up on your plans, but the four nations are at peace now. Why not just enjoy it? Aren’t you tired of the fighting?”


Yun Ruofeng took one last glance at Qin Ling before turning to leave.


Another subordinate entered shortly after and said, “Commander Qin, if you don’t leave with me now, you might not have another chance.” He then raised a hand to show the way.


After a moment of contemplation, Qin Ling exited and walked into the courtyard outside. He was then ushered onto a horse carriage shortly after.


Yun Ruofeng watched as the carriage left before instructing another subordinate, “Follow Qin Ling and don’t get caught. Report on his whereabouts and what he’s up to.”


“This subordinate obeys the order.” The man left quickly, leaving Yun Ruofeng to stew in his own thoughts over what Qin Ling had said.


Though Yun Ruofeng had become a national hero after winning that battle, the soldiers under his command had started dying one after another due to the effects of Yinluo Grass. Even an imperial physician hadn’t been able to save them, and it was only after enlisting the help of a miracle doctor that he had managed to save the lives that remained. To prevent the news from spreading, however, he had even killed that physician.


He could do anything in order to be victorious, but he just found out that it was Ning Rulan who had helped handle the other group of enemy soldiers. He knew very well that he wouldn’t have won the battle without her help, even after using Yinluo Grass.


A frown appeared on Yun Ruofeng as his gaze seemed to mist over. It was a subordinate’s voice that brought him out of his reverie.


“Prince Yun, your plan is being put in place, and many unexplained incidents will soon erupt across the capital. Even with the imperial announcement and the guards controlling the commoners, the people will still be anxious. As for Nanzhao, one of the men stationed there reported that the Emperor did not have any reaction upon hearing the rumours.”


Yun Ruofeng laughed. “If Beimin becomes chaotic, Nanzhao will naturally follow.Though it seems as if the Emperor is calm on the outside, there’s a weak point we can target that will make him panic. Prince Hao’s focus is on controlling the rumors and the monks and priests, while the Second Imperial Prince and Commandery Prince Xie aren’t as meticulous as him. Since they are in charge of securing the palace, this Prince orders you to sneak in and kidnap a girl named Liu Yinyin.”

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