“Prince Yun, apart from using Yinluo Grass on the commoners, have you also used it on Nanzhao’s soldiers?” Qin Ling asked through gritted teeth.


Yun Ruofeng answered coldly, “Nanzhao was in a precarious situation at the time. We wouldn’t have won without Yinluo Grass, even if we had the best strategy! Besides, this Prince had used it for two months to reduce the pain in my knee, so what does it matter if I used it on the soldiers?”


It was within those couple months that he began hating Ning Rulan, and started cheating on her with Ning Anlian as a result. Using Yinluo Grass had also sent him into a euphoric haze.


“Prince Yun, you can’t use such pernicious herbs, no matter what! The Eldest Imperial Princess didn’t use it, but she still managed to cut off the enemy supply line at the rear. Without her, Yinluo Grass wouldn’t have helped you win!”


Qin Ling spoke frankly. Yun Ruofeng had become a hero after that battle, while Ning Rulan kept her involvement a secret. She hadn’t wanted to take any credit away from him, and even said that everything was thanks to Yun Ruofeng!


Yun Ruofeng staggered backwards in shock upon hearing the truth. What? Lan-er helped to cut off the enemies at our rear so that I could win? She never told me about this before, and even congratulated me for winning.


Feng, the four nations have all heard about your heroic deeds. You’re unmatched in military strategy!


Yun Ruofeng remembered feeling extremely euphoric after the battle and taking Ning Rulan into his embrace. With how drunk he had been at the time, he had tried pushing her onto the bed, but was quickly pushed away. Unhappy with his advances being rejected, he had kicked her out of the tent. However, he was still euphoric from victory, as well as under the influence of Yinluo Grass. It just so happened that Ning Anlian appeared at the right time, and became pregnant out of the affair that followed. To cover his tracks, Yun Ruofeng had ordered someone to slip her some medicine that would cause a miscarriage.


“Prince Yun, this subordinate wanted to tell you the truth when you killed the Eldest Imperial Princess, but Commander Wei stopped me and transferred me elsewhere. Commander Wei died after that, but I didn’t want to add to your pain seeing how badly you missed the Eldest Imperial Princess. Why are you trying to destroy her happiness now that she has a second chance at life?” Qin Ling asked, agitating Yun Ruofeng.


When the rumours started spreading, Qin Ling was able to put two and two together, and drew upon his experience of how Ning Rulan had handled matters to work out the truth. He knew that she would eventually come looking for him.


“Her happiness?” Yun Ruofeng asked in a rising tone.


Qin Ling continued, “Why did you spread rumours and cause disruption in Beimin, Nanzhao, and the Western Region? The four nations are at peace right now, and the Western Region is developing quickly. Isn’t it great that the people are safe? What you’re doing might lead to a war!”


“This Prince is the only one who can give her happiness. She’s mine as long as she is Ning Rulan. No one can take her away!” Yun Ruofeng smirked dangerously.


“Prince Yun, this subordinate didn’t have the guts to speak up in the past, but now I understand. What right do you have to give the Eldest Imperial Princess happiness? How can you compare to Prince Hao? This subordinate is very disappointed in you that you used Yinluo Grass on innocent civilians.”


“Everything is destined, and she shouldn’t be masquerading as Su Xi-er and Princess Consort Hao if her soul is Ning Rulan. This Prince will make everything go back to how it was before. As for you, can you even be considered a Nanzhao citizen with how you’re helping Beimin now?” Yun Ruofeng asked coldly, not taking in any of Qin Ling’s words.

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