The man looked emptily at a tea set on the table as he tapped his index finger on the surface rather mindlessly.


Someone then knocked on the door, entering as the man inside ordered him to. The man entered and bowed. “Prince Yun, an imperial edict has been handed down saying that Beimin’s court is investigating the deaths of the commoners. There are Imperial Army guards on patrol and the citizens are afraid to discuss the matter out in the open. Also, we’ve captured Commander Qin according to your instructions.”


Yun Ruofeng stopped tapping his index finger on the table and said, “Preventing the commoners from discussing it will only lead to more suspicion. Not only that, any further strange occurrences would only lead to more people believing in the occult.” He then took out a note that was hidden in his sleeve and passed it to his subordinate, adding, “Do as it says.”


The subordinate opened the note, eyes glinting as he read it. “How clever, Prince Yun! But, do we have to keep Commander Qin locked up?”


Yun Ruofeng smirked and said, “Don’t worry, I already have a plan about when to release him. Qin Ling has rather close ties with the Mei Family Clinic; you go find out if they’re trying to create a new concoction of herbs.”


“This subordinate obeys the order.” The man acknowledged before turning to leave.


Yun Ruofeng stood up and glanced at the candlelight weakly reflecting from the tea set, watching it weakly flicker in his eyes before he blew it out and walked out of the house.




In the meantime, Qin Ling was being held in a locked room. Instead of speaking with him, Yun Ruofeng had him locked up, and he still had no idea how Pei Qianhao was dealing with everything.


Soon after, he heard the lock being opened, as well as the sound of someone calling Yun Ruofeng’s name. Bracing himself mentally, he watched as the figure dressed in white entered and bowed in greeting. “Paying my respects to Prince Yun.”


Yun Ruofeng looked at him and asked purposefully, “Qin Ling, do you know why this Prince is keeping you locked up?”


Qin Ling looked up at him and answered only after a while. “Prince Yun, this subordinate would like to ask you a question in return. Did you use Yinluo Grass Yinluo Grass on innocent commoners?”


The silence that followed was answer enough. If Prince Yun did that, the master I’ve been loyal to for all these years is now...


“So what if I say I did it? Would you betray me? Or have you already betrayed me?”


Qin Ling looked Yun Ruofeng in the eye, suddenly feeling as if the other man was a stranger. “Prince Yun, you said that we can use any sort of method to destroy our enemies on the battlefield, but that we can never turn our blades on innocent people. Why are you going against that now? As a commander…”


“This Prince thinks that you’ve become rather talkative after staying in Beimin. Did Mei Jinxiu teach you all this?”


Qin Ling turned cautious upon hearing Mei Jinxiu’s name. “Prince Yun, this subordinate is not familiar with Miss Mei. We’re both from Nanzhao, so we’ve only met a few times.”


“What would you do if I ordered you to kill her?” Yun Ruofeng’s voice was emotionless, as if snuffing out another life was nothing.


“Prince Yun, Miss Mei is a respected physician among the people, and she has helped many commoners. Please forgive this subordinate for not being able to obey such an order. I’m willing to accept any punishment.”


Yun Ruofeng's voice grew colder. “You’re willing to accept any punishment?!”

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