Qin Ling contemplated for a while before answering. “Prince Yun had instructed this subordinate to look for Yinluo Grass in the Western Region when Nanzhao’s previous Eldest Imperial Princess was still alive. Prince Yun had pain in his knee, and though Yinluo Grass was a prohibited drug, it was effective as a painkiller. Thinking that Prince Yun would be using it for his knee, this subordinate led a group of men to purchase the herb, but it seems things weren’t that simple.”


“He not only used it on himself, but also on the soldiers of Nanzhao.” Pei Qianhao scoffed.


Qin Ling was rather shocked to hear this. Prince Yun used it on his own men? That’s impossible! He used it on the commoners of Beimin because they’re on opposing sides, but how could he do such a despicable thing to his own people?


Refusing to believe this, Qin Ling said, “Prince Yun would only use it against his enemies. Prince Hao, even he has limits, and would never do such a thing to his allies!”


Mei Jinxiu admonished him, “Qin Ling, there are many horrible things that Yun Ruofeng has done. Although it may be difficult for someone like you who used to serve him to hear this, it’s not wise to be blindly loyal!”


Qin Ling was at a loss for words; both Wei Mohai and Yun Ruofeng had treated him rather well. To Qin Ling, one had to treat others as they wished to be treated. To him, it didn’t matter if everyone said Yun Ruofeng was the devil; he would never forget all that Yun Ruofeng had done for him.


He had seen the note from Pei Qianhao asking him to lure Yun Ruofeng out, but he hadn’t thought much of it at first. In fact, he had decided that the best thing for him to do was to stay out of this matter entirely.


Mei Jinxiu then asked, “Princess Consort, what do you plan to do next? We don’t know where Prince Yun is.”


“We’ll play it by ear, but security will be put in place to ensure that the distribution of Yinluo Grass is stopped.” Su Xi-er answered before turning to Qin Ling and saying, “We won’t force you to do anything.”


Qin Ling remained silent at this.


Su Xi-er then turned to Mei Jinxiu and said, “Jinxiu, take the next few days to work with Yu Xiao and determine how to neutralise the effects of Yinluo Grass.”


“I’ll try my best.” Mei Jinxiu answered seriously and glanced at Yu Xiao, thinking to herself that the teenager looked a lot more like a soldier now after training in the army barracks.


Pei Qianhao then instructed Mei Jinxiu and Yu Xiao to settle the commoners in the rooms.


Now, Qin Ling was left alone with Su Xi-er and Pei Qianhao. After a brief moment, Su Xi-er glanced at him before turning back to Pei Qianhao, waving a hand as she said, “Qin Ling, you may leave the compound. Yun Ruofeng knows where you are, so he may come looking for you, and you may decide for yourself when the time comes.”


She then tugged at Pei Qianhao’s hand and said, “Let’s go check on the commoners.”


Pei Qianhao cast a cold glance at Qin Ling before turning back to Su Xi-er and giving a gentle murmur of assent.


Both of them disappeared from Qin Ling’s sight shortly after. Qin Ling, however, stood frozen in place, staring towards the direction Mei Jinxiue had left in before finally deciding to leave the compound.


The streets outside were empty, with nothing but the sound of the howling wind.


A dark shadow suddenly appeared in Qin Ling’s path after he had walked for some distance. A low male voice greeted, “Commander Qin.”

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