Wu Ling wasn’t Pei Qianhao, so he still had to pretend to be cordial on the surface. After he entered the hall of the Compassionate Peace Palace, he cupped his fists and paid his greetings, “This subordinate pays his respects to the Empress Dowager. Wishing good fortune and health to you, Empress Dowager.”


Pei Yaran didn’t raise her hand for him to rise but sneered instead. “This Empress Dowager is unable to shoulder your ‘wishing good fortune and health.’ I wonder who was the one who threatened this Empress Dowager last night?”


Wu Ling raised his head and purposely pretended to be baffled. “Empress Dowager, this subordinate had made it clear that it was Prince Hao who ordered this subordinate to do that. If you are not satisfied, you can look for Prince Hao.”


“Impudence!” Pei Yaran’s voice immediately became louder. She flung her sleeves fiercely and looked at Wu Ling coldly. “Since that’s the case, this Empress Dowager wants to look for Prince Hao. Where is he?”


Wu Ling replied deferentially, “This subordinate doesn’t know.”


“Don’t know?” Pei Yaran suddenly smiled. “Yesterday, the head palace maid serving beside this Empress Dowager almost had her eyes gouged out. What guts!” 


There were no fluctuations in Wu Ling’s voice. “Miss He must have also informed you that this matter was also instructed by Prince Hao. However, Miss He is currently standing here safe and sound.”


“This Empress Dowager won’t pursue the matter with Prince Hao, but I can’t let this matter just pass like this. Imperial Bodyguard Wu is to receive punishment by twenty strikes of the plank!” As soon as Pei Yaran waved her hand, the imperial guards in the Compassionate Peace Palace entered the hall of the repose palace.


“Take him away and have him flogged twenty times with the plank!”


The imperial guards glanced at Wu Ling, but no one dared to step forward to arrest him.


Wu Ling looked at the imperial guards calmly. After following Prince Hao for so many years, what spectacle have I not experienced before? Twenty planks is just like a drizzle.


“This subordinate obeys the decree!” Wu Ling replied respectfully. It’s just flogging with the plank. A mere trifle.


Pei Yaran’s hands were tightly clenched in her sleeves. “Take him away.”


Wu Ling then left with the imperial guards.


He Ying’s eyelids twitched. “Empress Dowager, are you really going to punish Imperial Bodyguard Wu? He is Prince Hao’s…”


Pei Yaran interrupted, “When Prince Hao ordered someone to dig your eyeballs out, did he stop to consider this Empress Dowager? When you hit a dog, you have to check who its master is and whether the master can be bullied. Since he broke the rules, this Empress Dowager doesn’t have to be polite with him.”


All at once, He Ying felt her heart at ease. I still have a very significant position in the Empress Dowager’s heart.


“Empress Dowager, once Prince Hao leaves to attend Nanzhao’s state banquet, Su Xi-er will definitely die.”


Pei Yaran’s gaze hinted at things to come as she looked outside the repose palace. I’m actually not in a rush for Su Xi-er to die. Let her struggle in pain for a while first.




The matter about Wu Ling being sentenced to twenty strikes of the plank spread throughout the imperial palace very quickly.


Su Xi-er received word of it as she was resting in her room, having overheard it from a few palace maids outside her room.


There were five areas for drying the clothes in the Laundry Service Bureau altogether. Since there just happened to be one of these areas behind her room, it was very convenient for her to eavesdrop on anyone who may be going over with their basins to hang the clothes for drying.


Su Xi-er was surprised. The Empress Dowager directly laid a hand on Wu Ling because she wanted to ‘pass on a message’ to Prince Hao.


Twenty planks would be able to take a frail palace maid’s life. For a strong and robust man like Wu Ling however, it would leave a few scars at most. I wonder if Wu Ling is still going to come and monitor me after getting beaten?


Although he didn’t return to the Laundry Service Bureau,  in the daytime, Wu Ling, like clockwork, returned to monitor her once night had fallen.


When it was 11pm, Su Xi-er heard a slight noise. She immediately got down from her bed, pushed open the door lightly, and happened to see Wu Ling leaning against the wall as he yawned.


The latter immediately straightened up after seeing her. “You’re still not asleep when it’s 11pm?” He had only relaxed because he had assumed that she was asleep.


“Imperial Bodyguard Wu, aren’t you also still awake and yawning at this hour? It’s really tough on you. Rest assured, this servant won’t play any tricks, so please go back and rest.”


“As long as Prince Hao’s order hasn’t been rescinded, I must execute it. Su Xi-er, you are doing this on purpose.” You purposely came out at this time!


Su Xi-er slowly asked, “Imperial Bodyguard Wu, this servant heard that you were thrashed today. Since you have been beaten, why is Prince Hao still not allowing you to rest?”


Wu Ling immediately heard the pity in Su Xi-er’s voice. He had originally wanted to say that he wasn’t tired, but on second thought, he couldn’t say that.


Why don’t I...


“Su Xi-er, I’ll take you to see Prince Hao.” Wu Ling suddenly caught her by surprise.

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