Wu Ling continued to monitor Su Xi-er secretly. The only thing he saw however, was her staying in her room for extended periods of time. Nothing has happened today either.


At the moment, Wu Ling still didn’t know that the Empress Dowager had been looking for him.


Rather,, she was searching for Prince Hao, but couldn’t find him. As a result, she could only look for Prince Hao’s personal bodyguard. However, she didn’t even know where his personal bodyguard had gone!




Pei Yaran sat at the head seat in the Compassionate Peace Palace, her slender eyebrows scrunching up from time to time as she listened to He Ying complain tearfully about her sufferings. 


Finally, Pei Yaran waved her hand. “Enough, this Empress Dowager is already aware of what happened. Get up. Aren’t your eyes still in their proper place? Just now, who did you say saved you?”


He Ying stood up and kept her expression of grievances. She understood that if she said too much, the Empress Dowager would get impatient.


“He had a tall figure, and was dressed in full black. The large black hat obscuring his face prevented this servant from seeing his face clearly. He disappeared after bringing this servant to the Compassionate Peace Palace.”


Pei Yaran muttered to herself, “Long black robes…” She immediately understood. So it turns out that it was him. I didn’t expect that he would still come in and out of the imperial palace. Why does he want to help me? That aside, why does Elder Brother still allow him to enter and exit the palace?


Numerous questions flashed across her mind as Pei Yaran was absorbed in her thoughts. Finally, she was roused by He Ying calling her softly. 


“Empress Dowager, this servant has escaped from calamity, but Flower has died. It was killed by Su Xi-er! This servant went to apprehend her last night, but was met with Prince Hao emerging from Su Xi-er’s room!”


Pei Yaran’s eyes instantly widened. “Prince Hao was in Su Xi-er’s room?”


“This servant personally saw that not only did Prince Hao walked out from Su Xi-er’s room, he even took Su Xi-er’s side and didn’t allow this servant to take her away. Instead, he said that it was this servant who didn’t look after Flower, ordering Yuchi Mo to gouge this servant’s eyes out.”


“Preposterous! He actually treats a lowly palace maid in such a manner!” Pei Yaran’s hand smacked the chair’s handle ferociously, hatred in her eyes. 


She and Prince Hao had known each other for more than ten years and he still didn’t pay any attention to her. How could he care so much about a palace maid that had suddenly appeared from nowhere?


“Where is Prince Hao? Has Wu Ling been found yet?” Pei Yaran retracted her resentful expression.


He Ying reported truthfully, “No. We don’t know where Prince Hao has gone, nor can we even find Imperial Bodyguard Wu.”


“Hmph. He deliberately came to the Pei Residence last night to release the news and coerce this Empress Dowager into returning to the palace myself. Great, every single one of them has disappeared now!”


“Empress Dowager, this servant has an idea.  Previously, the palace maid you punished, He Xiangyu is Su Xi-er’s arch-enemy even if she is no longer favoured in the Beauty Palace. Why don’t you summon He Xiangyu into the palace?”


Pei Yaran pondered over it carefully. “What you said actually reminded this Empress Dowager, but I have an even better method. Isn’t Prince Hao concerned about Su Xi-er? Based on this Empress Dowager’s opinion, he is only interested temporarily. When Prince Hao heads to Nanzhao’s state banquet, why don’t we take advantage of the opportunity to transfer Su Xi-er to the Beauty Palace?”


He Ying immediately pointed out, “Empress Dowager, it’s a little risky to do that. If by any chance that Prince Hao’s interest doesn’t decrease…”


Her single sentence irritated Pei Yaran and there was no anger in her voice. “There’s no ‘if’!”


He Ying could tell that the Empress Dowager was incensed so she immediately added, “After Su Xi-er enters the Beauty Palace, she will meet the same end as He Xiangyu with enough time. A woman with no status isn’t worthy of Prince Hao at all.”


Right at this moment, the voice of a eunuch could be heard from outside. “Imperial Bodyguard Wu has arrived!”

The corners of Pei Yaran’s mouth lifted to form a sneer. He’s ultimately a servant. Once I issue a decree, how can he possibly dare to not come?

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