“I’ll let you have his life, but I need to settle some matters before that.” Su Xi-er looked towards the empty courtyard, the wind howling through the grounds bathed in moonlight.


Yu Xiao followed her gaze, realising that she had been standing at the entrance earlier. “Princess Consort, is Prince Hao not around? He hasn’t returned?”


“Mm. He made a trip to the Commandery Prince’s compound, the place where the monks and daoshi are being housed.”


Yu Xiao immediately understood . He put down his cup and made a suggestion, “Princess Consort, I’m quick on my feet. I’ll head to the Commandery Prince’s compound to have a look and come back with a report on the situation within an hour.”


He immediately began to leave, but stopped short when he saw Feng Changqing and offered a greeting. “Big Brother Changqing.”


Feng Changqing seemed slightly jarred by his sudden appearance, but he took it in stride as he walked into the main hall and greeted Su Xi-er. “Princess Consort, Prince Hao is still in the Commandery Prince’s compound. There was a bunch of crazed commoners who seemed to be in a trance rushing into the compound and causing a huge commotion. The situation is under control now, and Prince Hao is safe. He instructed me to come update you so that you didn’t worry, Princess Consort.”


“Why would they be in a trance?” Su Xi-er frowned at this. And of all places, why did they rush into the Commandery Prince’s compound so coincidentally?


“This subordinate is unsure. Those commoners have already been knocked out, and an imperial physician has been summoned to examine them. The news has been restricted, so nobody else should be finding out about this.” Feng Changqing explained.


Su Xi-er contemplated for a moment before saying, “It would be one thing if it was just one or two people, but it won’t be possible to prevent the information from spreading if it’s an entire crowd. If even one of those people’s families came knocking on the door of the municipal office looking for their family members, the news would spread. Let’s leak the information before our opponent does.”


She then looked at Yu Xiao. “Come with me to the Commandery Prince’s compound. You’re familiar with unusual herbs and medicine, so you may be able to help if the Imperial Physician cannot find anything out of the ordinary.”


Yu Xiao answered joyfully as he bowed, “Understood!”


Su Xi-er quickly instructed a horse carriage to be prepared. Ignoring the guards who tried to stop her, she got Feng Changqing to drive the carriage while she and Yu Xiao sat inside. They left the Prince Hao Residence shortly after.


They arrived at the Commandery Prince’s compound quickly, though the building itself seemed to be abandoned. It was late at night, and the only sound that could be heard was the howling wind.


Yu Xiao rushed out after the carriage stopped. The door to the compound was shut tight, and it did not budge even after he tried kicking it a few times.


Feng Changqing alighted and said, “It’s a compound belonging to the Commandery Prince. It’d be rather embarrassing if you end up breaking the door.” He then walked up and knocked on the door loudly. By the time it opened, Su Xi-er was already off the carriage.


The guard at the door served the Commandery Prince, so he recognised both Feng Changqing and Su Xi-er. He bowed and greeted, “This subordinate pays my respects to Princess Consort Hao.”


“You may rise.” Su Xi-er waved a hand to dismiss him as she walked in.


The guard’s expression turned awkward at this. It seemed as if he wanted to say something, but did not dare say it.


“Continue guarding the door.” Su Xi-er glanced at the guard as she picked up her pace.


Feng Changqing and Yu Xiao followed behind Su Xi-er without a word as they headed towards the glow of candles in the area up ahead.


When they arrived, they saw several unconscious commoners who were laid out on stretchers as the Imperial Physician examined them.


Those who were there looked up at the sound of footsteps. Upon seeing Su Xi-er, they bowed in respect.


Pei Qianhao’s gaze turned gentle when he spotted Su Xi-er. He walked over to her and took her hand in his. “Don’t leave the residence when it’s so cold at night.”


Su Xi-er smiled at him. “I’m much better now.”

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