Su Xi-er headed straight for the rear courtyard after returning to the Prince Hao Residence. Many servants were going about their duties, but stopped to bow as they saw Su Xi-er approach. “Princess Consort Hao.”


“Rise.” Su Xi-er waved a hand, beckoning to a nearby guard at the same time. She instructed him to go to the accounts room to put in for a raise for the servants, as well as to provide them with more frostbite ointment.


Hearing Su Xi-er’s instructions, the servants all smiled. “Thank you, Princess Consort Hao.”


“All of you deserve it since you’re all working for Prince Hao in the residence.” Su Xi-er smiled gently with the deportment of a princess consort. Her gaze then swept around the courtyard before an older servant spoke up, knowing what the Princess Consort was looking for. “Miss Hong Li is brewing medicine in the kitchen, and Miss Ruo Yuan is chopping firewood in front of the woodshed.”


Su Xi-er nodded at this and made her way to the kitchen where the pungent smell of medicine assailed her.


Hong Li was fanning the flames at the stove, but stood up to bow as soon as she saw Su Xi-er. “Princess Consort, it’s only been two hours, and this medicine needs to be brewed for six. This servant will send it to you once it’s done.”


“Hong Li, there’s no need to brew medicine today; I got a new prescription.” Su Xi-er smiled and walked up to her, taking the fan from Hong Li.


“No need? But the Imperial Physician said that this needs to be taken everyday. You received a new prescription before finishing the current supply of medicine we have?”


“It’s a prescription that doesn’t require any brewing, and it’s very effective.” Su Xi-er then picked up the medicine pot with a cloth and snuffed out the flame.


There were only a few pills left from what the Western Region’s Grand Empress Dowager gave Su Xi-er. Coupled with Feng Xiao’s warming medicine, the effects would definitely be felt soon.


“Princess Consort, are you feeling better?” Hong Li took her hand in hers and said joyfully, “Your hand is much warmer than before. This new prescription is really effective! If so...”


Hong Li chuckled and gave Su Xi-er a look. “Would a young master or young miss be on the way soon? Make one with Prince Hao quickly. Kids are so cute!”


Everyone in the Prince Hao Residence was excited about welcoming a baby.


It was then that Ruo Yuan entered the room while carrying a large bundle of firewood. She hastily tried to bow, but the load she was carrying made it hard for her to bend over.


Hong Li rushed up to help her with the firewood, and Ruo Yuan smiled as she wiped the sweat off her forehead. “Consort Dowager Guo visited when both you and Prince Hao were not around and gave the chef a new menu. Hong Li and I took a peek at it. There are dishes like fried eggs with hotbed chivesfried eggs with Chinese chives, and stewed pigeon soup with mu’er. I heard from the chef that these dishes are all supposed to help with bedroom affairs.” She then chuckled with glee.


Su Xi-er was surprised, not expecting for Consort Dowager Guo to be concerned about them when she was already busy with preparations for the Second Imperial Prince’s wedding.


A guard came up to them and said, “Princess Consort, Daozhang Zixu requests for an audience.”


Hong Li and Ruo Yuan’s expressions darkened at the term ‘daozhang and looked at Su Xi-er fearfully. They were aware that there were many monks and priests who wanted to perform rites on Su Xi-er after hearing of the rumors.

They were all supposed to be trapped in the Commandery Prince’s compound, so where did this daozhang come from?

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