“Consort Dowager, those who are intelligent will not continue spreading such rumours. Even though this seems to be bad news for now, it will actually benefit Beimin’s court.”


Consort Dowager Guo understood what Su Xi-er was getting at immediately. She sighed and said, “I’ve kept away from court affairs all this time. Let’s see how His Majesty deals with the officials who choose to believe in those rumours.”


For now, since Situ Lin still didn’t have full control over the court, she was mainly referring to Pei Qianhao.


“The Situ Imperial Family and Beimin are very fortunate to have someone as intelligent as you assisting Prince Hao.” Consort Dowager Guo smiled as she spoke.


“Consort Dowager, you flatter me. It’s fortunate that Beimin has such a gentle consort dowager.” Su Xi-er returned the compliment.


Since Pei Yaran hadn’t returned to the palace, the only consort left was Consort Dowager Guo. As a result, the imperial harem was much more peaceful than before.


“I’m the only one in the Imperial Harem now…” Consort Dowager Guo paused briefly before giving a quick shake of her head. Well, that’s not quite accurate anymore. Liu Yinyin is staying in the southeastern side of the Imperial Harem. I’ve seen her once, and she looks like she’ll be around fifteen when His Majesty comes of age. It would be nice if a quiet lady like her entered the harem.” 


Consort Dowager Guo continued smiling as she said, “His Majesty visits her often, and they can build up their relationship that way. Everything will take its natural course when the time comes.”


Su Xi-er could not bear to say anything when she saw how happy Consort Dowager Guo looked. It was obvious that the older lady was imagining a future where she would be able to spend quality time with the younger generation, but it was too early to determine Yinyin’s future at this point.


The old maidservant returned with a tray and set it on the table. “Dowager Consort, the tea is ready.” 


Consort Dowager Guo picked up the teapot and poured a cup for Su Xi-er. “Have some tea to warm yourself up.”


Su Xi-er took the cup of tea and had a sip. “It’s pretty good.”


Su Xi-er and Consort Dowager Guo continued chatting for the next hour before Su Xi-er left to visit Liu Yinyin.


It was lunchtime when she arrived at Liu Yinyin’s repose palace, and the maidservants were arranging the dishes as she entered.


There were five dishes in total, all prepared for Liu Yinyin. The girl, however, only stared at them with an empty gaze.


“Yinyin.” Liu Yinyin looked up in disbelief at the gentle female voice.


After realising that it was indeed Su Xi-er, she ran up to hug her. “Fairy Elder Sister, you’re finally back. There were rumours about your soul being unclean, and things like an evil spirit taking over your body. I was so scared.”


“Yinyin, be good. How could I be an evil spirit? These are nothing but rumors, don’t think too much about it.” Su Xi-er stroked the girl’s hair as she spoke.


“I don’t believe it, but the rumours seemed so real, and you were nowhere to be found either. I was so scared. But...” Liu Yinyin paused for a moment before saying, “I don’t agree with whatever they are saying at all. Even if you are Nanzhao’s previous Eldest Imperial Princess, you’d be Elder Brother Lianchen’s big sister. You would never be an evil spirit; that’s total rubbish!”


Su Xi-er bopped the girl on the nose. “Silly Yinyin. Didn’t you just call me a fairy? I’d be a goddess instead of an evil spirit.”


Liu Yinyin nodded profusely. “That’s right, Fairy Elder Sister. You said to wait for your return, and that you’d take me back to the Prince Hao Residence. Are you going to keep your promise?”

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