It took a second for Mei Jinxiu to realise that Su Xi-er had a reason for asking. Could the Princess Consort be thinking…


Mei Jinxiu quickly added, “Prince Hao, Princess Consort, although Qin Ling was the commander of Nanzhao’s Royal Guards, he was removed from that position after Prince Yun’s death, and he hasn’t been in contact with Nanzhao’s court either. He’s an upright man, and only wishes to live his life peacefully.”


Seeing how concerned Mei Jinxiu was, Su Xi-er asked, “Jinxiu, do you like Qin Ling?”


“Ah?” Mei Jinxiu was briefly taken aback before she waved a hand. “No way. Sure, he’s a nice guy, and I don’t think he’s planning anything, but why would I like him? Even if he used to be a commander in Nanzhao, he’s now...”


Su Xi-er cut her off before she could finish. “I’m just asking if the both of you are on good terms, so don’t worry so much; I won’t do anything to him. Still, for you to be so worried, you must at least somewhat care about him.”


Mei Jinxiu contemplated this. Care about him? He’s like a block of wood who doesn’t talk at all. He doesn’t say more than five sentences when he comes to help out at the clinic either. 


Mei Jinxiu was snapped out of her thoughts when Su Xi-er placed a note in her hands. Turning to the latter in confusion, she asked, “This is…?”


“Jinxiu, give this note to Qin Ling. He will know what to do,” Su Xi-er said.


Mei Jinxiu had no idea what was going on. Qin Ling did not keep in contact with Nanzhao’s court, so why is the Princess Consort asking me to pass him a note? Why can’t the Princess Consort do it herself instead?


Wanting to clear up any confusion, Mei Jinxiu’s gaze fell upon Pei Qianhao. However, his cold and imposing expression quickly dissuaded her from saying anything.


“Miss Mei, please pass the note to Qin Ling personally. This concerns both Beimin and Nanzhao.” Pei Qianhao spoke slowly and in a low voice, each word carrying a significant amount of weight.


Mei Jinxiu gripped the note tight and tucked it safely into her sleeve. “Do not worry, Prince Hao, it will be done.  I’m a practitioner of medicine, not of occult. Those rumours have definitely been spread in an attempt to stir up fear among those who are ignorant.” She then bowed and left after Pei Qianhao nodded at her in acknowledgement.


“Xi-er, Yun Ruofeng is helping us out.” Pei Qianhao walked up to Su Xi-er and hugged her as he spoke.


“With him stirring up fear among the ignorant, we have a legitimate reason to rid ourselves of the stubborn court officials who went along with this farce once it’s over.” Su Xi-er said as she returned his hug.


“A-Jing, I didn’t believe in the occult in the past, but after having gone through so much, I can’t help but do so. Daozhang Zixu said that this body is compatible with me; it’s heaven’s will.”


Pei Qianhao smiled. “Xi-er, let me tell you what heaven’s will is. You were given a second chance at life in order to meet this Prince.”


“Why are you so smug about this?” Su Xi-er looked up at him with a smile.


“It’s the truth. Why would you happen to end up in the body of a maidservant in the Palace Side Quarters? This Prince also never gets drunk, but I was on that fateful night that you happened to be around. Everything is too coincidental.”


Su Xi-er listened to his explanation and thought, That seems to make sense!


A guard came up to them and reported, “Prince Hao, HIs Majesty has summoned you to the palace for an important discussion.”


Pei Qianhao waved a hand and said, “Prepare a horse carriage.”

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