Ruo Yuan did not know much about Ning Rulan, but from what she had heard, the latter was a formidable figure even amongst men! Pei Qianhao was the only one who could match her, and even though Ruo Yuan didn’t really know Ning Rulan, she did know Pei Qianhao.


Pei Qianhao possessed a god-like presence in Beimin; a hero in the eyes of the commoners that Beimin could not do without! If Ning Rulan could be compared to Pei Qianhao, then she must really be extraordinary!


Ruo Yuan saw Pei Qianhao and Su Xi-er locked in an embrace as she entered, prompting her to turn to leave.


However, before she could make it far, a gentle voice addressed her from behind. “Ruo Yuan, bring the bowl over. I really miss the soups you brew since I haven’t had them in such a long time.”


The voice was as light as a breeze.


Ruo Yuan smiled and walked in. “Princess Consort, it’s warm.”


Su Xi-er took the bowl and started drinking it by the spoonful. “Your skills have only been improving. Whoever marries you will be fortunate!”


“You’re teasing me, Princess Consort.” Ruo Yuan looked down with a smile. No matter who Su Xi-er is, it doesn’t change the fact that she is my master and savior who helped bring me out of the Palace Side Quarters. Ruo Yuan was not about to believe in the rumors so easily, especially when Ning Rulan seemed to be a rather cruel woman.


With how gentle the Princess Consort is, there was no way she was someone like that!


“Ruo Yuan, you seem to have lost weight.” Su Xi-er commented as she continued drinking the soup.


“Princess Consort, this servant has indeed slimmed down. Miss Mei gave me a prescription, and I’m trying to increase my workload while cutting down on the amount of food I’m eating. As a result, I’ve lost quite a bit of weight!”


Su Xi-er smiled. “I never knew Mei Jinxiu had looked into such things.”


“Miss Mei has superb skills! Many plump ladies in the capital city have been looking for her to get a prescription. She charged many of the ones from richer families more, and has been able to expand the Mei Family Clinic’s operations with the revenue.”


This reminded Su Xi-er of Qin Ling. Using Qin Ling to bait in Yun Ruofeng seems like a good idea.


As for Pei Qianhao, he was able to tell what Su Xi-er was thinking just from the look in her eyes.


“Ruo Yuan, make a trip to the Mei Family Clinic; there’s something I’d like to discuss with her.” Su Xi-er knew that it would be too suspicious if she approached Qin Ling right away, so it was better to play it safe at this point.


“Are you unwell, Princess Consort?” Ruo Yuan asked in concern.


“Just get her to come to the Prince Hao Residence.”


At this, Ruo Yuan did not probe any further. She bowed before leaving and making her way to the Mei Family Clinic shortly after.


When it was only Su Xi-er and Pei Qianhao left in the hall, she said, “A-Jing, let’s write to Lianchen to remind him that he should remain calm and stay in Nanzhao to take care of court affairs.”


At this, the two entered the study and quickly penned a letter before handing it to a personal guard, tasking him to get it to Nanzhao as quickly as possible.


Nanzhao could not withstand any sort of unrest, especially when new policies had just been put in place. This rumour was already enough to stall the pace of their development.


Mei Jinxiu was already waiting in the main hall when Su Xi-er and Pei Qianhao exited the study.


Upon seeing Su Xi-er, a worried expression appeared on Mei Jinxiu. “The rumour has been spreading like wildfire. The monks and priests are effectively trapped in the Commandery Prince’s compound, but the commoners are still discussing the matter very fervently.”


Su Xi-er walked up to her and said, “Calm down. Jinxiu, how’s your relationship with Qin Ling?”


Not expecting such a question, Mei Jinxiu was momentarily taken aback before nodding and saying, “He’s very nice, and helps out when I’m busy. He’s working at a blacksmith’s at the moment.”

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