The rumour regarding Su Xi-er had already spread across the nations, so it was no surprise that even the soldiers under Pei Qianhao had heard of it. That being said, Wu Ling had done his best to keep them all focused on their training, and was sure that his master would quickly resolve the issue upon his return.


However, right as Wu Ling had been about to leave after hearing the messenger’s order, Yu Xiao rushed up and knelt before him. “Commander Wu, please allow me to leave the barrack.”


Wu Ling looked at Yu Xiao; the latter was now officially a soldier who was receiving a monthly salary. However, despite being one of the best of the new recruits, the rules brokered no exceptions.


Wu Ling then waved a hand and said, “This isn’t child’s play. You’re not allowed to enter or leave the camp on a whim. Even I am only leaving due to Prince Hao’s orders. Men, take him away.”


A group of soldiers appeared to escort Yu Xiao away and back into the camp, and he couldn’t help but watch Wu Ling’s departing figure. He had also heard the rumours, and he knew that someone had to have started them on purpose.


Who could it be? Feng Changqing immediately appeared in Yu Xiao’s mind, but he immediately reconsidered when he thought about Feng Changqing’s true identity along with Su Xi-er’s. Feng Changqing was a subordinate of Nanzhao’s previous Eldest Imperial Princess, and is extremely loyal to her.


If that’s the case, Yun Ruofeng is the only one with any motivation to bring Ning Rulan down. As the one who stooped to such despicable methods to kill Ning Rulan’s subordinates and my older brother, he’s definitely capable of such a thing!


Yu Xiao had joined the army in order to fulfil his older brother’s dreams. He clenched his fist at this. Yun Ruofeng must still be alive! Why wasn’t his body found otherwise?


He was rather thrilled at the thought. He had been training to improve his technique for the Heart-Penetrating Arrow, and even though he was now in the army, he had never slacked off on honing his skills for that particular technique.


Though my skills are unlikely to be on par with Yun Ruofeng’s, I can still kill him with an arrow through his heart if he is distracted!


A tiny smile appeared on Yu Xiao’s face, having decided to sneak out after dark even though he would risk being punished!




Meanwhile, Wu Ling was heading for the Prince Hao Residence as quickly as he could, but Xie Yun had already left with Xie Liuli before he arrived.


Wu Ling entered the hall and bowed. “This subordinate pays his respects to Prince Hao and the Princess Consort.”


“You may rise. Lead a group of men and set up camp a hundred miles out from the suburbs to receive the Western Region King.”


Wu Ling was surprised at Pei Qianhao’s orders. “The King of the Western Region is arriving so soon?” He then looked at Su Xi-er, quickly realising that Du Ling must have heard the rumour and was currently rushing towards Beimin.


“It’s no surprise that the Western Region King would come to visit after hearing the rumours. Be respectful while you receive him, and escort him directly to the Prince Hao Residence. This Prince and the Princess Consort will welcome him personally.”


Wu Ling nodded at this before bowing again. “This subordinate will get to it immediately.” He then turned and walked out of the hall, passing by Ruo Yuan as the latter carried a bowl of white fungus lotus seed soup in.


Ruo Yuan bowed towards him respectfully, while Wu Ling nodded slightly in acknowledgement before leaving the compound.


Ruo Yuan had been able to feel the palpable tension in the Prince Hao Residence these few days. Everyone on the streets was saying that Su Xi-er was an evil spirit, and that she was actually Nanzhao’s previous Eldest Imperial Princess.

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