Seeing the knowing look exchanged between Pei Qianhao and Su Xi-er, he knew that the pair already had an answer in mind.


Pei Qianhao then said, “Yun Ruofeng was saved after he fell off from that cliff.”


“I see. Nanzhao’s Prince Yun has been obsessed with Princess Consort Hao. You would probably have to work this out with him.” Having faced Yun Ruofeng in the past, Xie Yun knew that there was only one person who could make the former act this way.


Thinking back to how Su Xi-er had slipped between his fingers multiple times, he realised that it was because it was Ning Rulan that he had gone against. The same Ning Rulan who had led armies into battle, as well as established the new governing policies of Nanzhao. Such a woman was worthy of his respect.


Su Xi-er laughed. “I’ll take care of Yun Ruofeng. You don’t have to worry about it, A-Jing.” She then took Pei Qianhao’s arm in hers.


Xie Liuli was visibly confused at everything. “I don’t understand what all of you are talking about.”


“They say that a lady who’s about to get married is usually rather slow-witted. You’re marrying Changqing soon, so of course you don’t get what we’re saying,” Su Xi-er teased.


“What are you talking about, Princess Consort? We haven’t even decided on the date.” Xie Liuli looked down as she blushed.


“Where’s Changqing?” Su Xi-er looked around, knowing that Feng Changqing would be among the first to be waiting for her after hearing the rumours. Where did he go?


Xie Yun said, “He made a trip to the Mei Family Clinic to get my medicine. Miss Mei came up with a new prescription which she said would be beneficial for my legs.”


“Elder Brother, we should treat Miss Mei better. She’s trying her best to treat you when you were so horrid to her in the past. We should also treat Zhen Yu better as well, since Miss Mei is only helping because of her!” Xie Liuli smiled as she spoke.


Upon mentioning Zhen Yu, Xie Liuli added, “The Imperial Physician says that her baby is growing well, so well that it’s getting hard for her to move around. Her tummy even looks a little pointy, so we’re all calling the baby a little prince! They’ll only be going back to Peach Blossom Village for the marriage after the birth and postpartum confinement, but we’ve already sent men to invite Zhen Yu’s relatives to the Commandery Prince Residence.”


Su Xi-er was filled with joy at the news. Xie Yun and Xie Liuli had lost their parents, but with the union, Zhen Yu’s parents would be their parents too.


Su Xi-er had never experienced the love from her parents either. Her mother had passed away when she was very young, leaving Ning Lianchen and herself to rely on each other. Now, she had a younger brother, a husband, and even the love from the Western Region’s Grand Empress Dowager. What would she think if she finds out that I’m not the real princess but just someone who took over her body?


At this point, a guard from the Prince Hao Residence entered the hall with a message in his hands. “Prince Hao, this was sent by a messenger pigeon.”


Su Xi-er looked at the note as Pei Qianhao opened it. The contents made her eyes widen immediately. It said that the King of the Western Region was now on his way to Beimin, and would be arriving soon.


The rumour held implications for Beimin, Nanzhao, and the Western Region, so it wasn’t strange for Du Ling to make a trip here after hearing the news.


Su Xi-er did not want to lie to Du Ling about this, understanding that the latter’s family was the most important thing to him.


Pei Qianhao returned the note to the guard and said, “Burn it. Get Wu Ling.”


“This subordinate obeys the order.” The guard took the note and turned to leave the hall.


Wu Ling was currently in the army barracks in the suburbs. He was the one overseeing everything there while Pei Qianhao was away.

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