With a few succinct sentences, she already made Wu Ling speechless. This mouth is really powerful. I actually couldn’t tell in the past.


Did Prince Hao instruct me to monitor her because he understood this?


“It was indeed Prince Hao’s order for me to monitor you. As for the reason why, I don’t know. Su Xi-er, you better be more obedient these few days. If I find out that there’s anything even slightly amiss with you, I will report to Prince Hao.”


Su Xi-er smiled. “This servant is very well-behaved every day. It’s just that Prince Hao often makes things difficult for this servant. You can pass this on to Prince Hao.” She then turned around to leave. 


She wasn’t afraid of being monitored. The matters in the Laundry Service Bureau were ultimately just as she had reported. Besides, Eunuch Zhang and Old Maidservant Li wouldn’t randomly summon me.


After walking out of the woods, Su Xi-er spotted Lian Qiao. Lian Qiao had been transferred back to the Palace Side Quarters yesterday, but she decided to come to the Laundry Service Bureau without permission today?


Lian Qiao saw Su Xi-er and immediately went forward. “I was instructed to scrub the chamber pots after I returned to the Palace Side Quarters yesterday. When I was scrubbing the chamber pots last night however, I saw…”


Su Xi-er looked at her. It can’t be that she saw Situ Li, right? Is he not aware of such a massive commotion in the palace? He’s even coming to the Palace Side Quarters??


Lian Qiao lowered her voice, “The Third Imperial Prince was fiddling with some plants over there. I recognised the plants as medicinal herbs.”


“Lian Qiao, how are you able to come to the Laundry Service Bureau without orders?”


“Old Maidservant Liu told me to come and collect her clothes that had been washed. Also, I have figured out how to create the itching powder you requested, and will be able to give it to you in a few days.” Lian Qiao then swiftly retreated and walked towards another direction.


Su Xi-er watched as Lian Qiao faded into the distance. What medicinal herbs is the Third Imperial Prince fiddling with? He hasn’t appeared at all these few days because he was studying medicinal herbs?


She went back to her room while carrying these questions.


After closing the door, Su Xi-er immediately went towards her cupboard, wanting to change out of the red Chinese bodice. She quickly opened the wardrobe and rapidly turned over her things to retrieve the grey Chinese bodice. Inadvertently, she discovered a white pearl flashing at beneath it.


This pearl looks a little familiar. Why did it appear in my cupboard?


Picking it up to examine it, Su Xi-er was instantly enlightened. Back when I was in the Palace Side Quarters, Pei Qianhao secretly broke into my room. As soon as the door opened, a pearl was aimed straight at my forehead.


This pearl that has mysteriously appeared in my cupboard is that pearl! Pei Qianhao rummaged through my wardrobe last night and placed it in there!


In an instant, his words flashed across her mind. “You are sometimes meticulous, but sometimes careless.”


He was referring to the pearl! I don’t even know when he had placed this in here! Furthermore, I never saw the pearl again after placing it on the table in the Palace Side Quarters. Now that I think about it, I am indeed a little careless.


I can’t accept this pearl, but based on his character, he will force it onto me just like the red Chinese bodice.


You can’t defy an order. Since you had received it as a reward, it would be considered a gargantuan honour. If you still refused, that would be not knowing what’s good for you.


Su Xi-er felt a headache at this point. She had originally planned on slowly ascending step by step, but an overbearing man had barged in halfway.


The corners of Su Xi-er’s mouth were raised to form a bitter smile. In the end, she changed out the red Chinese bodice, wrapped the pearl in it, and placed them into the cupboard. 


She still couldn’t make heads or tails of it. Why did he bestow these two items to me?


After placing them in the cupboard, she picked up the remaining bottle of medicinal powder and sniffed it gently. The one he had taken away was given by Situ Li. The remaining one was given by him.


Is he indirectly telling me that I’m not allowed to have Situ Li’s things? He’s really domineering and powerful. That kind of character has really broadened my horizons.

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