The search party comprising Pei Qianhao’s group and the ex-subordinates from Nanzhao began searching the mountain by splitting up into two teams; one headed towards the peak, the other headed towards the middle of the mountain. Pei Qianhao swept his eyes across his surroundings before making his way towards the forest, a few of Su Xi-er’s ex-subordinates from Nanzhao catching up with him.


A human couldn’t vanish into thin air, so if the hoof tracks ended, it could only mean that Su Xi-er’s kidnapper had escaped via different means, and that there was some hiding spot in the mountains. They only hoped that they would be able to find her before night fell in about two hours.


Pei Qianhao’s hawk-like eyes scanned his surroundings as he made his way through the forest, stopping as they locked onto the stone door that Yun Ruofeng had used earlier. When some of Su Xi-er’s subordinates followed his gaze and inspected the leaves on the ground near the door, they found that much of the nearby foliage showed signs of someone stepping on them. Could the Eldest Imperial Princess be inside?!


Entering the cave, Pei Qianhao and the other men were able to make out another stone door at the other end as their eyes adjusted to the darkness. He was now extremely sure that Yun Ruofeng would be on the other side of this door.


The subordinates from Nanzhao began running their hands along the walls, saying, “There has to be a way to open the stone door.”




On the other side of the cave, Feng Xiao stopped Yun Ruofeng when he tried to enter the house.


“She’s weak now, and has fallen asleep after taking some medicine. Prince Yun, what will you do if Prince Hao finds you?”


Yun Ruofeng frowned a little before smiling and saying, “She’s my wife.”


His voice was confident.


Feng Xiao then looked up and said, “Prince Hao is going to be here very soon.”


Hearing this seemed to make Yun Ruofeng slightly nervous, but he adjusted his expression instantly. “It’s no surprise that he’s able to locate me, but I didn’t expect for him to be this quick.”


My first plan is going to fail, but I have a back-up plan anyway. Yun Ruofeng smirked at the thought. Pei Qianhao, are you going to choose power or your woman when you’re driven into a corner?


Shortly after, a tall man approached them with steady steps.


Feng Xiao glanced at Yun Ruofeng, only to see an extremely calm expression on his face.


He felt that the image he was seeing looked quite out of place when Pei Qianhao stood beside Yun Ruofeng.


Feng Xiao then said, “One from the past life, and one from the present life.” He then turned and headed back into his bamboo house.


“We haven’t met in a while, Prince Hao. You’ve robbed my wife from me for a long time.” Yun Ruofeng spoke as if he was speaking the truth.


The subordinates from Nanzhao who were behind Pei Qianhao then said, “ Your wife is Ning Anlian, not the Eldest Imperial Princess. As the one who pushed her away and hurt her, please don’t make a mess of the Eldest Imperial Princess’ happy life, Prince Yun.”


“Make a mess?” Yun Ruofeng asked in a rising tone. “Lan-er would have forgiven me if it wasn’t for him.”


“With Ning Rulan’s personality, it would already be considered merciful if she didn’t take the life of someone who betrayed her. How can you expect her to forgive you?” Pei Qianhao said coldly.


Yun Ruofeng remained silent for a while before answering, “Prince Hao, we’ll have to fight to the death one day.” He then backed away a few steps before disappearing.

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